Cueing up my samples

I had to get a new Digitakt, my new one does not operate like the old one did. It is a problem because I had a particular was of cueing up my samples for playing on the old one. I don’t know if I was inadvertently using a bug to create the functionality I wanted and now it has been fixed in an update unknowingly, but It has completely broken the flow of things for me.

I’ll explain. So I like to create samples 4 measure long so 64 beats. For instance, I like to record variations of my kick drums layering them together to create entirely new ones. When I record the different variations of my kick drums I chose not to make them one shots. because I wanted to have the sample play its length of 64 beats to keep the timing of things. So prior to getting m new Digitakt I had a list of kick drums in my recorded sample directory. BD_01, BD_02, BD_03 and so on. Since the sample is 4 measures long I only have the 1st trigger lit. So on the first beat the sample plays its length then triggers itself again. What used to do was wait for it to pass by then quickly go into the sample directory and choose the next variation BD_02 for instance. The sample that was originally playing would continue to play until the first trigger where the new sample that I have selected was cued. Now BD_02 would start to play. So basically I would cue up the next varation by hitting YES then back out and start making other changes to the different tracks. Thing is the new varation WOULD NOT play until the sequence hits the 1st trigger which made sense. and that is how it used to be. That is how I would transition through my samples. Now when I cue up the next sample by hitting YES, the sound changes right away it dosent wait for trigger 1 to engage the change. I don’t understand why this is happening because It never used to change the sound until the trigger was engaged.

Sorry If this sounds confusing, If you have questions or need more information I could try to clarify.

Thing is when I cue the new sample up the sound should not change immediately untill it reaches trigger 1 on the first beat because that is where I have that sample set to play its length of 64 beats.

I put in a ticket request to see if Elektron would be able to provide version 1.10 OS so I could downgrade nobody seems to know about my issue. No response yet its been a week. To explain further, I have a vocal sample in slot 20 its four measures long. I have it trigger on the very first note of my sequence so it plays its length. Once it starts playing I access the sample in slot 20 and bring up the sample directory to select a different vocal sample to play next. When I hit yes to confirm what would happen in version 1.10 it would continue to play the first vocal sample until the sequence came around to the trigger which would then in turn play the new sample that was loaded into the slot.

With version 1.11 OS now when i hit yes to confirm the loading of the next sample into slot 20 the new sample just starts playing immediately. Not from the beginning but from the same point at which the original sample was in its length or measure. I understand the logic behind this but also am confused as to why this was changed in the new version. Its cramping my style and making it impossible to perform in the way I had originally.

So I experimented and found that in version 1.11 samples that were not manually loaded to the project …if selected from the samples directory they will start playing right when YES is selected. However, if the samples were loaded to the project when selected to play they would play only when the sequence passed the trigger telling it to play. In OS version 1.10 it seems that if you selected at sample from the samples directory that was not manually loaded to the project it would automatically load it or treat it as it was loaded to the project.

This just causes me to need to fill more of my 127 slots with loaded samples instead of selecting them from the samples directory when needed.

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