Cue/Monitor RAM Recorders?


Messing around with the UW and thought that if I routed the track the RAM R1 machine is on to separate output that I would be able to cue the input in headphones. Upon trying this the machine is no longer picked up by the RAM P1 machine, has anyone found a way around this?


RAM machines will only monitor/record main outs or inputs 1 + 2.

I’ve played around with this a bit.
What are you trying to do?


i’m just trying to figure out a way to monitor the signal going into the machine without actually turning up the cue 1 level and putting the signal into the main mix. i guess i was hoping it could all be done within the MD but maybe i will have to split the signal out to headphones before it reaches the machine.

doing some experiments with feeding the input of a cdj into the MD but i only want to grab the “good parts” of the feed which is why i want the monitoring.


It sounds like you want to use the RAM machine to record the main mix (including the CD-J) but also have the ability to monitor the CDJ privately on your headphones.

But i think as you’ve discovered this is not possible, as you lose the ability to record the CDJ in the mix, if you monitor it using cue on a seperate out.


In the above config, you can still record the CDJ on its own. and play back the recording on a seperate track with a P1 machine.


ah no not trying to record the main outputs, just the signal coming to the A/B INPUT.

the problem seems to be that when i route the output of the track holding the R1 machine to a output C for example the P1 machine seems to lose its association, i can hear the isolated signal as i desired but when i triggered the playback machine (following recording of course) it’s as though the buffer is empty.


i think your setup is correct.

Don’t have the MD in front of me. But try adjusting the CUE2 value


Maybe you can use 2 global slots with different routings, and switch between them…


oh dear i think this may have been a false alarm :sweat_smile:

just gave it another shot and couldnt replicate my issue!

thanks for taking the time to help out everyone!