Cross post removal

Just had my post locked for cross posting.
Which is fine however as I’ve not had any response from the topic thread or direct message to the dev, I still need help.
If I can’t cross post, how do I ask elsewhere? For example, it’s possible I could get help from the other gear category but would I get removed there as well?

Just use prefix @ with the account name and the user gets a notice. If he doesn’t reply you still can try a private message.

And don’t expect answers to all your posts. If your situation is quite special like in your case there simply may no one be around to have an answer.


Hi @tnussb thanks for replying.

I’ll make sure I do that in future.
I did private message but I think they aren’t around atm.
I’m not expecting answers to this as it definitely is a bit unusual, but that’s why I cross posted. It seemed the best way to reach more users, increasing the possibility of help.

Its not personal. Its because nobody has an answer. So cross posting is pointless. You can bump a question if it gets left behind.

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