Crooked button Rytm mk2

button 1 is a bit crooked too?

I’d send it back for repair.

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yeah actually 1 key is slightly crooked also

That particular QC control person must’ve had a night on the piss the night before. :joy:

Seriously, you shouldn’t put up with it really. I feel your ‘oh well, them’s the breaks sometimes’ sort of attitude by your words. I could be wrong; but I thought I could recognise it. It’s something I’m guilty of.

Maybe just send your honest thoughts to Elektron via email. “I bought this unit, it’s expensive and I’m bummed that there are wonky buttons. Is there anything you can do about it?”

There maybe a few back and forth replies but in the end I’m sure it’ll be fixed. That will take time and you may have to be without your ‘new toy’ for sometime. Plus, like you first reply says. The unit may incur accidental damage. More headaches.

If I were you, IMHO I would ask for replacement buttons for 1 and 9. That way you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of going to the post office etc.
Or, if you could simply take it back to the shop and exchange it for another then ok!

If that wasn’t a possibility I think I’d just live with it. Couldn’t be arsed with the hassle. I’d let Elektron know about my story but wouldn’t expect anything back or get annoyed about it anymore.

Where did you order it from? I guess it was on the internet otherwise I assume you would’ve checked the unit in person before taking it home.

I bought it new from store dj, a music equipment shop in Sydney Australia.
I didn’t open the box until I got home because it was brand new and I just checked out the display one.

Might call the shop tomorrow and speak to them and or send an email to elektron see which is less of a stuff around …

I just got the thing so not keen to send it away for months

I’d shoot over to the store or ring them first and tell them your story. You should be able to swap it for another in store; you’ll be happy and they work for the rest of the problem.

I don’t think you should have to deal with this problem first hand. If you do you should be able to talk directly to a senior members of staff and they should understand. Sending it back personally could cause all types of headaches. Leave that to them.

Overall, it sucks. So sending you a big and positive

That’s just a wonky moulding - it’d drive me crazy too - but the best thing you can do is speak to support - they’ll send you new replacement caps - it’s a doddle to sort yourself

Yeah - it’s annoying, but it’s not worth the hassle of going anywhere or sending anything anywhere, let alone the pointless airmiles etc

It works perfectly - just get them to send you some replacement tops - this happened regularly when DT’s were shipping with the wrong caps

Support will sort you out, no quibbles, you’ll get them soon as and instructions too


Thanks man, it’s a shame because the unit works perfectly and it’s just a bit dissatisfying
To look at on an otherwise beautiful looking machine.
it’s only slightly out but enough to be annoying…

Anyways I’ll get it sorted out… cheers

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I’ve sent them an email,

if it’s a case of just undoing the cover and replace them it might be easier to do that.
and it might save the hassle for the dj shop I bought it from having to take back my now used unit…

I’ll wait for their reply before I do anything… Cheers

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No unscrewing required - it’s easy on the Mk1s and i recall reading others on DTs & Mk2s doing it just the same from the top - the instructions may be different for the Mk2s as the cap is a tiny bit harder to grip - it should be doable without any marking, may require a guitar pick or similar to tease it out - see what support say and at least you have told them straight away


I would ask elektron to send me replacement keys rather than having the unit replaced by the reseller. If it works well there is a risk that they will send you a unit with other defects. I don’t know, I had to change 3 before I found a perfect unit, and the last one I had was perfect except for the woobly and noisy volume potentiometer that I replaced.

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I’d be afraid to have worse problems after…

Thats the way i think. You never know whos handling it.

Hands up who’s gone to study their RYTM after reading this thread?:joy:


already got reply from elektron. Apparently easy fix got the number of distributors in Australia… going to call them tomorrow for them to sort it out…

Reliving… should get fixed with not much hassle


I have one crookd 9 on my OT aswell. Had one on an A4 too :slight_smile: but it’s just the paint job that’s off. Must be a bad 9 cap batch.

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Getting my new numbers 1 and 9 sent to me to replace myself but didn’t receive instructions.
Does anyone have a guide to replacing the buttons?

AFAIK you can just pull them off. You can try to get under the button with a card or guitar pick and then remove them. Maybe some sticky tape will help too.

Do you mean Sticky tape on the case to protect the paint?
No idea what AFAIK means dude…
I’ve read you need pliers and other times read guitar pick…

You can try to put the sticky tape on the button you want to remove and then raise the tape.
The button hopefully glues on the tape and gets removed. (not native english speaker, hope that makes sense)

A pliers would work as well.

afaik = as far as I know

edit: duct tape is the right term :slight_smile:

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