Cre8audio East Beast & West Pest

Hi!! The east beast is one of my first analog synths and I’m very happy with it but I noticed a drift pitch across octaves. I’ve used my Korg pitch black to get a C and when I going upwards the pitch is drifting more and more… And the C isn’t at 12 o clock in the fine knob… I don’t know if it’s a normal behaviour… I’ve read the manual and I can’t find a way to tune the oscillator… And I’m not good at electronics… Thanks

Hi all, i just got a second hand westpest for my eurorack and im pretty happy with it. İ mainly got it for the sequencer and its ammmmazing. Right now i have it on generative mode with the random clock setting and its clocking my whole rack so i can get crazy generative stuff. İ really really really liked the sound but for now its only a 200$ sequencer unit. There wasn’t any info online if the Midi pitch and gate outs were Midi only or cv aswell and wasnt clear in the manual but it is working like a charm. Very very usefull for eurorack.


As I expected I got a new unit as a replacement for the faulty one. Good for me, bad for the environment… hope the rest of my old unit is at least good for spare parts.

If no damage happend on the pcb. I’d expect it to be fixed and then sold as b-stock. I hope that’s what will happen. It’s an easy fix. If there’s damage, depends on how difficult it is to repair, I guess.

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Thomann has its own repair shop but they‘ve sent it to a ”service partner“ (which I assume would be cre8audio) and after that it was decided that I‘m getting a replacement. Took about a week for the whole process so I doubt it will be fixed.

Had a similar issue with my rack mixer some time ago, everything worked except the USB part. They just replaced the whole board instead of just the faulty part. Guess it’s financially more lukrative to just replace the whole thing than spending labour on finding and fixing the issue.

With the new Pittsburgh Modular Taiga just out ( thread ), it is notable how that synth is being compared to both the East Beast and the West Pest ( both by Loopop, and Sarah Belle Reid so far ), so that these two may give you some of the same possibilities less expensively, and that you can get specific parts in a more compact package.


Oversynth just released overlays for the East Beast and the West Pest. Take a look and see what you think.


Im such an idiot… Im cleaning EVERYTHING and I just got the west pest… Now I usually get everything labled right away, but I cleared off a desk and it went into a pile.

Can someone please verify what the wall wart PSU is rated at?

This is the only unaccounted PSU I have, and I even checked the international adaptors, and they fit and click.

Its just to ease my anxiety… and i dont want to wait till morning to call Sweetwater.


Here’s what I think it is, but the manual says ±12 for euro rack.

And the psu says 15 max.

I’m just trying to be extra extra sure.

That looks exactly like the power adapter for my East Beast. Output: 15.0 V.


Thank You so much. One less thing on my mind!

Never again!


So here are some thoughts…

one) How in the hell do you patch this thing? I dont know what anything does.

two) I played around and got this little fun sound design. spooky.

and three)

This synth makes Pigments sound like dogshit. I love pigments and it sounds amazing, but the harmonics on the West Pest is crazy! It just sounds so much more fatter… no. not the right word… Oh… I got it…



FYI, as of August 2023, this still seems to be the case for Taiga firmware updates using an Apple Silicon Mac, too. Mine is an M2 Macbook Air running macOS Ventura (full version # 13.4.1 © (22F770820d))

When I bought the West Pest, I couldn’t get the midi cc to cv to work. It seemed to work fine after I updated the firmware, although I didn’t use it that much.
I put it in my rack yesterday (wanted to dive into euro again, bought a few modules…) and using OT lfos is particularly interesting to me when I can patch them into other modules. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t which is a bit frustrating…
Anyone found a solution?

Also the output jack is done…When I bought it, I thought it was one of the cheap 1/8’ to 1/4’ cables I had in a drawer, because it worked when I used another cable. Turns out, I just had it plugged in just the right way, probably just a poor solder joint.
It’s ok when it’s on the desk and I’m not patching it, but not so much when patching. Even leaving the cable plugged in on the WP doesn’t really work, because touching it already is too much and you’ll hear noisy crackling.

Anyways, I’m enjoying exploring some feedback patching with the West Pest. WP into Doepfer Wasp VCF and then one of the filter outputs back into the WP osc sync input for example. Add some Quadraverb and :kissing_heart:

It’s still a great little synth/module, even not all the features are 100% stable all the time.

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I just picked up an East Beast and the Midi CC doesn’t seem to be working. I checked out their website and the latest firmware download is listed as 0.9 but when I run the updater and select that file to load, it says I have 0.11 already loaded. I assume mine is newer? But then did the whatever Midi CC fix the poster above mentions regress in newer versions?

I wrote with the support, very nice and helpful btw, they sent me the 1.0 and suggested it might be a problem with the Octatrack clock, although they said they have no idea what’s going on, OT clock doesn’t seem unusual.
I tried to disable midi clock and even filter it out completely, sequence from my DAW, still didn’t work.
After updating the firmware I still had no luck and wanted to give up, but guess what? I switched the midi channel to omni, just to check, no idea why I did it, but midi cc worked! I switched back to my normal midi channel and it still works!

Just drop support a mail, they’ll send you the 1.0 firmware.

Edit: Got another mail, they have a bug confirmed. Only CC01 works. I’m using CC02…so there seem to some bugs. Maybe CC01 works for you?

Yes, I emailed them as well. They responded super quickly and said it was a bug and they would address it in a future firmware fix. And yes, CC01 (mod wheel by default) works.

I’ll give the omni channel a try though.

Anyone that can’t get midi CC to CV to work on their West Pest or East Beast, I got a new mail from support today and apparently the CC assignment procedure was changed, but they never updated the manual.

To assign a MIDI CC, hold down the yellow button AND the G# button (channel, out/thru) buttons. This is normally the combination for checking or changing the MIDI channel, but it also now allows the synth to reassign midi CC.

No idea why I had CC02 assigned on my WP, I did perform a factory reset after updating the firmware, so it should have been CC01. Maybe I accidentially assigned CC02 while changing midi channels…


I really need to applaud Cre8audio. I had the NiftyKeyz and the Niftycase and they both worked great. The Cap’n Big O is a very nice oscillator for the price. These two synths are fun and useful and I have the West Pest in one of my racks and will have the East Beast standalone soon…very well priced and a lot of fun.

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Put my new West Pest in my 9U case. Played around with some patching and sequencing with my Polyend Play. Came up with some very nice sounds…for $250, totally worth it. Now, need to get an East Beast and plug that into my rack.

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Do you know if Cre8audio is rumoured to drop something new for superbooth?