Couple of Queries


Hello there!

So I am perplexed by a couple of things on my MD at the moment. Could you wonderful people shine the light of knowledge for me.

The first drives me insane. I sit and program drums. I’ve chosen each hit and I’ve got a pattern that I like swinging away. I got into more fetch and start eq’ing… then plocking… and wow it sounds great. Ok, I’ll move this to my main sequencer… the OT… and add some microtiming and trigs (what’s it called… itwas in the latest OT update) to add even more variation. And then it happens… I press a certain key on my main midi keyboard… the DX7… and to my dismay… a new pattern starts to play… all of the sounds have been replaced with new sounds and I have been rendered into torment and enraged profanities color the room leaving me in the 5th Circle of Hell according to Dante.

Please help me out!

Secondly, the sampling. I don’t get it. I tried it once and didn’t get along with it. How do you guys utilize the sampling feature? I’d love to know more about this. I’ll happily read and experiment. I intend on using this feature heavily in the future when the planets align and allow me to make the dreams that are in my head a reality.

Thanks again, people of Planet Elektron


First : MD is probably receiving a note set in GLOBAL > CONTROL > MAP EDITOR to change patterns.

Disable those notes assignments if you don’t need them.

Second : you need 2 machines :
RAM R1 as recorder
RAM P1 as player.

RAM R1 > Set MLEVEL for MAIN internal resampling and / or ILEVEL for external audio inputs. Place a trig.

RAM P1 > Place a trig.


Thank you, sezare!
I just multitracked the drums from the latest piece I’m workin in this morning so I’m game for that! I think I may have tried it before but I’ll let you know how I get on.

So, if I’ve set up two machines. Let’s say I’ve a nice Hand Clap from my TR8. I like four to the floor so I will set the OT to trig the TR8’s Hand Clap on beat 1/5. I will set the trig on MD machine RAM R1 to the same position as the trig in the OT - 1/5.
So… and here’s the big question. When I press play on the OT, the TR8 starts it’s sequence as does the MD and when it gets to beat number 5 the Hand Clap plays AND at the same time the MD’s RAM R1 begins recording and records it? Then I use a RAM P1 machine to play back the sample.

When does the RAM R1 stop recording?

Is the sampling engine 12bit. Does the 12bit crunchiness only apply to samples that are recorded via the audio-ins or does it also apply to the samples that have been placed into the machine via USB?


LEN – Defines how long the recording will be. A value of 127 will record for 2 bars. Each parameter value is ¼ of step.

12 bit only, for all samples, AFAIK.


also remember to save your kit as soon as you get anywhere satisfying with your sound, and every time you make a change you want keep thereafter.


This is the thing. I do save the kits but the instruments have all been replaced or reset (can’t remember which but I think it’s the first). I’ll try to remedy it and if that doesn’t solve the issue I will make a short video so exact things can be seen.

Thank you for your reply.


Ace… Ace… SUPER ACE!!!


Ok, so I got into the map editor area and don’t know how to turn off the note assignments.
I saved the kit, pressed a key on my midi keyboard and it reset all of my edits and put all instruments back to default. :frowning:
I changed something in the map editor. Now I have to hold down a key in order for the kit to play. It stops when I release the key. Before it played continuously with a single press.

Here is what is happening: kits are changed from C2 upwards. If I press C2 it plays kit one… D2 plays kit 2 … and so on.

The only thing I want to do on the MD is to trigger one hits. I do not want it to do anything else. I couldn’t figure it out, sorry. If there is any more details you could tell me to turn off the note assignments I’d greatly appreciate it.



I guess you changed pattern with MAP notes.

Try again, can’t be that difficult. Set values to none.

You mean it plays machines / tracks?
It shouldn’t change kits with default settings.

You means play patterns with MAP (not kits)?
I guess you changed GATE setting.


There isn’t an option to turn off ‘note assignment.’ I tried spinning the rotary knob but there isn’t any option for it :frowning: I MUST be missing something. Sorry for the headaches.


Example :
Select GROUP = PAT A
Select MAPPING with right arrow, set A01 to “- -” turning wheel anti-clockwise
Confirm with YES


Thanks!!! That did it!!! The reason it didn’t move around was because GROUP was set to TRACK.
Got it and it worked! Fantastic.
Thanks again!