CoronaVirus Thread

Also to take in fact that a lot of people died this year who possibly had COVID19 weren’t tested so those are not counted. Can’t have cases if you don’t test! Or testing people who could be asymptomatic could help. The only way to halt the spread is to force your country to wear masks :mask:. And until America does this you will see an exponential rate of increased cases and deaths.


Meanwhile in France, they built a few military hospital tenst, just so the president could have a “military” background for his speech… while doctors are now actively dying because they lack any protection and proper equipment.

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Great talk. Heather Heying is convinced she and her son already had it back in mid-February. This leads her and her husband to question how many people have it/have had it, are asymptomatic, have developed anti-bodies, etc., and if it’s as large of a number as they think it is then it doesn’t make sense for all of those people to not be working, to be avoiding their family, etc. But they point out that it’s still good we’re doing shelter in place and social distancing because we just don’t know yet and don’t have all the information. If you’re interested in this part of the conversation skip to 46 minutes.

Bandanas work nearly as good as masks, too.

Any form of mask helps don’t let people shame you for trying to protect yourself and others. This hasn’t even peaked in America yet …


If the economy crashed it will be the middle class that suffers. And also the poor countries that relying on purchasing of goods. Sorry I don’t buy into the Utopia solution. In your equation you are missing human nature.

I love hearing your point of view. I like hearing different opinions. I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle :pray:.

define “suffers”. because it’s hard to imagine it will be worse than millions of people dying from this virus.

also I find it deeply sad when Americans refer to things like universal healthcare and a robust benefits system as utopian.


Yep in New Zealand we are a full month lockdown (grounded at home with every business closed) (apart from Doctors,supermarkets)

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How many people are going to work? How do you feel about it? It scares the shit outta me, but if I voluntarily take a lay off, I won’t get ei or the emergency benefit. I’m in Ontario, Canada. So many jobs were deemed “essential” I make doors for wealthy people lol, how is that “essential” I dunno, just gives me major anxiety. But what do I do? Take the risk, make money, potentially get sick or stay at home, no money to pay for rent :upside_down_face:, sorry just had to vent


I work in advertisement/media. When all this started I messaged my boss “Should I go to the unemployement office or should I come to our office?” He replied: “There’s shitload of work, come to the office when you can!”

Our biggest customers are restaurants which have been closed down and the local shipbuilding industry. I went from photoshopping pictures of hamburgers to making posters about fighting covid-anxiety and doing stay-at- home-work for the ship builders. (Which is great. As a vegetarian I have moral dilemmas doing advertising to sell burgers & meat.) I’ve never been busier than in the last few weeks, but I’m quite sure this will stop at some point.

Every morning I wake up hopeful that I’d have some time to fool around on my synths but every morning my workmail is filled with new work. Looks like this weekend is spent doing two 560 page books for the shipyards. Maybe I’ll reward myself by buying a new synth after this is over.


Today in Spanish paper El País, according to Antonio Durán Guardeño. Sevilla’s university Mathematical analysis professor the numbers are probably way off, with the positives/deaths rate now is 7% when it should be 1% or maybe less . That means 500.000 is a more acurate estimate number of infected people. That is more than 1% of the population.

Is more accurate to estimate the real number of infected people by taking into account old people positives, because they are the ones developing more serious symptoms, most young people will not show any or very mild ones.

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I was thinking the same, polyend tracker perhaps :thinking:

don’t you see? All the doors must be ready by the time looting starts en masse, so stop surfing teh internetz & get back to work!


When I read about healthcare in US I just do not believe it, 1000-1000-1500$/month for a family’s medical insurance that will not cover most treatments. I think to remember reading the covid19 ( pneumonia)treatment cost was about 18.000$ and I do not know if that covers ICU. Also how expensive meds are…

If I lived in the US I would be more worried about the hospital bill than about not working a couple of months.
A country has to choose what comes first, I am pretty sure US would be just fine with a few less aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons, maybe that could pay for the whole country healthcare.

Here all that is free, for retired people meds are also free, well, they were before. Now since 2008 crisis they have to pay 10% with a maximum of 8€ to 60€ per month depending on rent.


please don’t forget that the prices of medications in US are just too high due to the need of overrevenues for pharma companies (oh and then there are patents!). I grok it’s the same in .de, .ch, .fr

I understand that what I say next stinks of globalization, and still: most generic medications coming from giant India factories are way, way cheaper - not twice, often, but tenfold and more; their quality is decent last years, too. “My” 3rd world country - albeit small - produces decent drugs too last decade, really cheap. Salaries of drug makers aren’t EU-level yet, but they were - albeit slowly - growing during the last couple of years. This kinda shows that drugs indeed can be made cheaper, if need be; the truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle.

I’m going back to work on Monday. I was off self isolating with shortness of breath & slight cough. Absolutely fine now & they want me back in. They’re making a mint right now with online orders. The better off seem to be stocking up on organic baby clothes rather than bog roll & pasta. My walk to work won’t bring me into much contact with people. I’ll be in a Warehouse with 5 other people. Social distancing & cleaning are a priority there so i’m not fearful of going back/into work per se, although some members of staff are travelling in via public transport. Just a bit nervous of somehow getting the virus & bringing it back to my wife & child (both Asthmatics - 1 very mild / 1 (historically severe / Brittle)

Also my contract is meant to be up at the end of May & i feel a bit irritated that i’m potentially risking my family for a job that probably won’t be extended. But my wife is the bread winner of our family (always has been) Her salary has given us a blessed existence but i think she’s about to lose upto 50% of her salary or even actual redundancy. So i need to be earning something. Oddly though she has a telephone interview today for a major (secret) company.

We’re all in the same boat (albeit not equally) so we’re both trying not to obsess over our own personal situation. In the grand scheme of things we’ll be absolutely fine. And we’re blessed to have each other, our little boy, a Garden etc) So many people having to cope on their own and all cooped up.

We were out at 8pm last night, applauding our NHS. I thought i’d be cringing doing it but it was extremely moving. I really hope this will be an amazing change/wake up call (eventually) for the whole world.


This obsession with trying to work out death rates a good year before such a thing is even remotely possible is going to make you all depressed.


That is what they tell you, many meds are made here too, an even the meds imported from US are given free to patients needing treatment. A friend with hepatitis was given a 50.000€ treatment last year, was free and it worked.
I take MFD( Concerta) for ADHD, 30€ per 100 tablets, made in Belgium. That is a 1.300$ treatment in US

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It’s not “free”, because it always takes ressources including money to run a decent medical service. It’s also a question of priority.

The difference is that in the EU we have a spirit to share the risks amongst a community and have a health insurance system for everybody to face problems … in the US it seems to be a “be successful or suffer” attitude.


Loved everyone out at 8 last night to applaud all those working in the nhs. First I’d seen some people in my street in a week

Nice bit of United community spirit in these difficult times

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I know that, I should have said a public service provided for free, just like education.

I kind of prefer how it is done here, live expectancy in spain is one of the highest in the world with way less money spent on health care per person ( real cost) than in the US 10.000$ vs 3000$, which fares pretty bad for a developed country in live expectancy list.