Copying track sample

Hi all -

I am trying to wrap my head around how samples, tracks, and patterns interact. I’m very new to Elektron gear, and have read the manual, but it’s a little sparse in this regard. I’m using a Model:Samples.

When I copy a pattern, that seems to copy all of the samples and the sequences to the new pattern. A complete copy. So far so good!

When I copy a track, it seems to copy the trigs in the sequence but not copy the sample or the settings (pitch, start, etc.) for that track.

Is there a copy that lets me copy the sample and the global settings for a track by itself? (Does that even make sense?)

If you want to have a few different patterns with the same samples or slight variations, do you just stash a template somewhere and copy the whole pattern? Part of this is my wanting to improve my workflow, but part of it is just trying to improve my mental model of this machine.


It’s possible to copy the track Sound (which I believe includes the settings you’ve applied):

  1. Select the track you want to copy
  2. Press TRACK + RECORD to copy it
  3. Select the track you want to copy it to ( I think this works across patterns)
  4. Press TRACK + STOP to paste it

So maybe with a combination of copying a Track and copying a track’s Sound, you can get a complete copy of the track? I don’t have my Model:Samples in front of me, so I can’t test this out.

Let me know if it works.

In general, I think using a pattern as a template to copy to different tracks is a good workflow decision.

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That worked!

If I hit TRACK + RECORD, it says “Copy TRK 4 Sound”.

Looked in the manual again, didn’t see it, so thanks so much for the reply!