Copy Track Sequence to Another Track (or MIDI track) Within Same Pattern


Hi, I’m sure there is a useful key combo for this, but can anyone tell me how I copy/paste individual tracks say I want to copy T1 to T2. Or, if I want to copy synth sequence T3 to MIDI Track 3 of the same pattern?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


can’t remember the exact settings, but YES, it’s possible, did it all the time…

AFAIR it was func+track, then func+play (copy) while being in step recording mode, then func+track of the destination and func+paste. “Copy Track” / “Paste Track” should be the corresponding screen message…

Thats for copying the step sequencer trigs (i understand that’s what you want to do…). Copying the track sound was holding down the track button and then pressing play (copy), but i might be a little off…

hope this gives you the needed ambition to try it on your own :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it’s:
function+record for copy
function+stop for paste

To copy / paste the trigs for a given track track you will need to be in step sequencing mode.