Copy track/copy track trigs to midi track

Not sure if I’m having a moment but for some reason now when I hit function + copy with record on it is copying the whole track I’m sure it was saying copy track trigs before?
I’m searching the manual but can’t find it
can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong?

Edit: so you have to have track trig edit menu open to only copy trigs not sure why I hadn’t had this problem before must be confusing with the Rytm…

Also I don’t seem to be able to copy audio track trigs to the midi track?
Thought I have done this before also, but it must have been on the digitone.
Because it doesn’t seem to work on the Octatrack because different trigs or something?

Page + Copy to copy trigs of current page.
Trig + Copy to copy the single trig.


I wanted to copy all the trigs to a different track

There are only 4 pages to copy.

From: “How to …” Reference for the Elektron Octatrack:

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Thanks |, Do you know if possible to copy audio trigs to midi tracks? It doesn’t seem so

Possible with OctaEdit IIRC. @Rusty?

What is that document?

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Chapter of:

Someone must have been sharing it here.

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Looks like Olaf Wolkenhauer’s “Elektron Music Production Tips”


Yes. With OctaEdit you can copy/move/swap Track / Trigs freely between Audio and Midi Tracks either way, at any level, from a whole track to a single step, or parameters.

Two caveats exist when going Audio to Midi:

a) One Shot Trigs are converted to Trigs
b) Sample Locks are cleared.

Naturally because neither of the above exist on Midi Tracks.


Oh man, there are still such great hidden gems on Elektronauts I haven’t stumbled upon …

Thanx for the link!