Copy/paste track pages between scenes?

hey guys

copy pasting of scene locked page parameters between scenes isn’t possible I take it?
As although I see the copy paste notifications I don’t see any effect

would be really handy as you develop some scenes and then want to add one track to next scene.
Or is the workflow completely linear?


To copy a scene to another ?


It is possible to copy a scene and paste it to a new scene location.

To copy a scene assigned to scene slot A or B, press and hold a [SCENE] key and press
[REC] . A window saying “COPY SCENE” will appear. Paste a scene by holding a [SCENE]
key and pressing [STOP] . A window showing “PASTE SCENE” will be shown. The copied
scene will be pasted to the location of the scene assigned to the scene slot.

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thanks for the reply. no what I mean is that you have three scenes A,B,C which you’ve made in that order.
but you want to then paste one track from scene C to A…by copy pasting C’s pages to scene A … it appears the only way is to hop back and forth between each the track’s values per page and manually change all the track’s pages

that make sense? Hope there’s a simple solution ha

Not really sure what you mean ‘paste one track from scene …’ Scenes allow the XFader to interpolate between parameters for any number of tracks.

The normal settings for a tracks parameters are stored within the Part and are used as a starting reference for the scene. They are essentially independent of the scene itself (which is just modulating the values you lock)

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Ah OK. Yes I wasn’t so eloquent … so what I wanted to do was go into a scene , take the locked parameters for one track in that scene and quickly copy paste that into that same track in a different scene.

From the structure of OT it appears this isn’t possible. OK I guess ill just have to keep doing this manually.


Yeah copy/paste at scene level will be for the entire scene (all tracks) - it just duplicates the entire scene


yeah pity but it’s not that big a deal. OK thanks!

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