Copy compressor settings between patterns?



is there a way to copy the compressor settings between patterns? find it a bit tedious to adjust each pattern one by one.



No. I know it’s annoying


Should be able to. I know I can copy fx pages on the rytm and digitone


Kinda the same thing with reverb an delay. Not at the machines at the moment, but I remember there being a weird thing about not being in step recording mode, otherwise it won‘t work. Might remember wrong though.


I used to trip myself up with this on the DT constantly! I just started writing the settings down on my phone before moving to another pattern. Primitive, but it worked. I mostly work with the OT these days. Having Parts makes it easier for me


Yep, you can copy compressor or any other page setting to another pattern.
For compressor press: FUNC + LFO until u see the compressor page, then still holding the LFO key, let go of the FUNC key and press the REC/Copy key, paste using the STOP/Play key to paste