Cool hardware audio processing units


I feed the thyme with some bleeps from a monotribe and that’s it… instant drone with a rhythm below and the variations are just great …
I watched the destructive clip and learned a lot on how to loop and slowly drift from one structure to the next…
As for the presets… I don’t use them :slight_smile: Same with the sequences… too much preparation…
As with the Resonator it is more like action painting for me :slight_smile:


Maybe also take a gander here:


Yeah I also like it, just beware its very noisy and has high hiss sound if colour (low pass filter) is open. If closed its not so usable to make great dirty metallic hihats n snares.
Also its outputs Stereo delay, just very diffixult to find the sweet spot without too much noise.

BTW I would be very THANKFUL if someone could show me( stupid) what to do with the fx loop out. How to connect to a mackie vlz 12 or Allen heat z10 (probably more complicated)
Goal would be to connect for example the tanzbärs individual out to mixer and play with send and fusion box for some lazy dirty loop techno jamming.
Maybe also helpful for others or erica to sell more of this box.

I absolutely dont like tanzbärs clap, through fusion box i like it.

Thanks have a nice day


You could look at a small eurorack skiff with some modules designed for effects / audio processing. E.g., the Mutable Instruments Clouds, and the Make Noise Morphagene both take stereo inputs and can do drastic things to audio signals.

Also, the Roland Aira modular effects units are stereo. They can be used standalone or in a eurorack case, and can be completely reprogrammed with software to do all kinds of stuff (you have a bunch of space for virtual modules inside, then you ‘cable’ them up and assign the four knobs and two buttons to the parameters you want to control externally):


+1 on KP3+, I use it as an aux send from zed 14 mixer to its own stereo track and use the channel gain to boost the signal, but it tends to sit under other stuff anyway. Keep meaning to set the eight presets I like most cos there’s a lot of crappy presests.

I’ve been sniffing around the handsome audio Zulu, they have a new 2 buss coming out which may be worth a look.

Right now I am having fun taking gadget and senode sketches from iPad through analog heat with KP on aux send and improvising live mixes to a zoom h5.


…bastl thyme and oto bisquit are serving me well…
and this…
mindblowing…but nothing u could’nt also pretty much do with some freaky octatrack settings…


Check also the Elysia Karacter
Here Lem processing the Analog Rytm with Karacter.


+1 for the Zulu. Hope to see that coming to Europe soon.


Oh yeah, digital ice ice, baby baby. I’ve been wanting a dedicated Elektron multi fx box (with sequencer) for a while. Would be great. You could argue the Octatrack can function as one, but the effects in it aren’t that great overall, IMO.


The Monomachine is actually great for that. It could just do with a more sophisticated reverb for some uses.


I love my Retroverb Lancet, it’s a really unique box that makes anything sound better! The spring reverb is great obviously, but the drive and filter are also amazing, and triggering the VCA from an audio signal is awesome. Stereo would be even better, but mono doesn’t bother me.

Another +1 for Roland SP-404, it’s like having 30 great Boss pedals in 1 box. Only 1 at a time, but love resampling a few times with the different fx.


Cool video showing the Retroverb envelope being triggered by an audio signal -


Yeah, that sounds fantastic. Much want.


culture vulture


My new unexpectedly cool hardware audio processing unit is my new Universal Audio Arrow becaus it lets me run all kinds of otherwise unobtainable gear on it with (almost) zero latency.


I’m considering buying an OT just for the thru and pickup machines. Saw a video of Cenk doing some live resampling, with fx and stuff. It is basically 100% what I’m trying to achieve. Tried thinking about how I could do that in Live and realized, I’m too stupid, and I’d rather make music than become a programmer. So I guess I’ll have to buy it. The fx seem fine, but nothing spectacular. Fader helps.


The prize for most compelling processing unit goes to the Vertice Filterbank IMO!


Don’t get me wrong, as an overall package, you won’t find anything quite as awesome as the Octatrack, and quite a few of the effects are more than decent. And yes, the fader! It’s awesome for live work. :slight_smile:


The DSI Evolver desktop is pretty rad for processing as well (bunch of LFOs/sequencers, 3 delay lines, stereo analog filters, feedback, distortion, input envelope follower + peak detection that can be routed to the mod matrix)


I jumped on my motorbike and rode straight to a shop to buy the Erica Synths Fusion box.

Took me a couple of hours to get out of it what I wanted.

Firstly, it’s useless in stereo - they’re phased and cancel each other out. With headphones it sounds fine, but as soon as I plugged it into my monitors, it sounded hollow and awful! So it’s a mono only unit essentially.

I’m pretty happy with it. Though unfortunately the power cable is VERY short.