Convince me that an OT was not a mistake

Personally hoping they wouldn’t change its size! I’d be interested in a black MKIII with original size, but I’d probably wait much longer than you! (second hand).


…they might change the grey finish also back to black again, once the actual batch in grey runs out of stock…
but if so, that will be also nothing but another facelift version of the same old thing like the actual mk2…

for a truu new version 2, the old code must be rewritten first, so it can finally match with all their new achievements for real…the whole concept must come along with a new list of functions, new tricks, fx and benchmarks…
but for now, it remains the last machine from the “good old days”…

and as mentioned before…we will see some return of their other and older classics way before that happens…

and if i had to guess…ot as we know it will see some announcement like “last option to get one” around end of next year…the final sell out of the last ot’s…and then they start cooking on that next version we’re all waiting for…
but for my turn, i can wait and i’m still more than happy with what we got…

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Can you elaborate on this?

Multiply is a Pickup functionality. Apparently still not possible with MKII (except with external midi) because of new buttons.
Maybe I missed an update list?

MKI manual

Once a loop has been recorded it can be doubled by either pressing [MIDI] while in the RECORDING SETUP menus, or by pressing [TRACK] + [MIDI] at any time. Note that this operation makes a copy of the loop at that specific moment, so it is recommended not to do this while overdubbing.


having an OT is like dating an insane person - they drive you crazy but the sex is amazing.


Never tried with OT. Only sysex, analog plugs…


It’s called pickup machine for a reason after all.


Underrated post.
This is spot on, IMO.


I never tried OT mk-I, so I’d like to compare how the original feels, thats all. I might like to buy both versions, but I would want clean units at a great price. No hurry. I have A4 MK2, MDM, MNM - that I plan to keep, I am not using them much now as I take a break to learn Ableton and am messing again with Eurorack: Tape and Sampling, FX etc modules.

It is very sensual, when you turn the knobs, it feels like…ooohhhh. And with the crossfader it’s like aaahhh. For more details, you can ask a better specialist in that concern. :wink:


ha, funny. I mean there are definitely aesthetics involved with any hardware device, module etc. IMO. Watch the Max Marco vids on the OT-1, he knows that thing inside and out. genius. (The Bob Ross of the Octatrack, if you will).Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 6.16.05 PM

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If they release a black version of actual grey MKII, I’d be seduced immediately, actually I’m already seduced because I’m pretty sure they’ll do it. If they choose AR/A4 MKII size, I’m definitely off.
Edit : I’d probably think it’s sexy though…

I’ll never sell my MKI! First Elektron.
If I had MD before, maybe I’d kept it.
MnM being same generation, not for me.
@LyingDalai has to convince me with MnM next time I’ll see him. (Lockdown in France).

Of course, if you make videos, you’re much more clever than posting here.



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“You will not regret getting an OT”
Said the guy who had it when he was young and just released something brilliant with it. :content:

images (4)
WTF is that thing?

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Take a look what a monster the device is.
I found myself watching this video over and over again

Also, another folk, Kenny Zhao, holds live weekly streams on YouTube with OT MK2.
Really opens up its potential.

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Ugh!@ Never should have come here! I literally talked myself out of getting a behringer 303 mere hours ago. Such a one trick pony but so cheap and so acid.

Thanks for the recommendation, did not know MAX MARCO!

I thought the cuckoo and cenk/elektron vids were good, but these are also really nice.

Is there a thread where all the good YouTubers are listed? Might be an inspiration for many folks.

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@Max.A compiled many ressources here :
Free Octatrack Tutorials list


Great! Thank you!

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I am the crazy person. The OT is the one doing the… mangling? :3lektron: :elmd: :elmm: :elot: