Convince me on why I should *NOT* buy an Octatrack


Lmao. Also happens once you’ve owned an FS1R.


OT, now comes with 2 complimentary counselling sessions :joy:


This reminds me of why I finally left Ableton for Elektron.
Live offers some really cool routing opportunities, fx set ups, automation, sequenceing etc, but never works where I needed it too.
I surrendered to the OT.

Oh wait…


Don’t buy it, you’ll get lost with all you can do with it. It’s too complicated for you. Workflow killer.

Max rec time without samples in Ram :
16 bits : 8m28s (508s)
24 bits : 5m39s (339s)


I do Skype sessions. Relationship advice is available, too.


Clearly, you want one. Quit the act and go get it. We’re here for you whenever you need us to make it work. You’re among friends.


PM Sent.


WE CAN’t Help u.

We don’t know what you already have. How long you make music in Home-Studio, Gaz is high regarding more than one piece of equipment including the OT or the only target is the OT. You want the OT MK1 second hand or the OT MK2… (there’s always negatives or 2nd thoughts because we all have in mind how the product could be perfect for us… but it’s in our head… we must achieve with what we have.)

We know nothing.
WE CAN’t Help u.


I get bored naming and saving things. Its not like an Ableton Live set where you can do a bunch of stuff and just hit save and turn it off. You have to be very particular about that or you’ll lose work. I think thats the thing that hurt me most about it - i loved what it did, and using it is a blast, so much fun using it in all its various ways, but ultimately all my work on it vanished into thin air - user error of course. If u wanna jam with sound potentially with a care free attitude about keeping that work, dive right in. If you go the other way, you’ll have a lot of organisational work cut out for you. I think its fun, dump your bounces or samples into it and jam and your tracks will end up in places you never expected. My only advice would be to always be recording out to a DAW or something, as a backup. Thats the point where the lack of 8 outs will frustrate you, and its ultimately what made me sell it. If the OT had 8 outs, or, it could actually record as an 8-track while you jammed with the 8 tracks - it’d be a box direct from heaven. But i always felt handcuffed because of this.

For this reason I think Elektron’s way of marketing it as a performance machine is spot on - its true purpose is to be smashing a 2-channel live set through a PA


Why is there so much confusion with sample time on the OT. Hear a lot of different stuff about this


Because it depends on the settings and the dynamic allocation of the available memory.


Is 1100€ worth for brand new MKI?
Or is MKII that much better? @ 1349€?




Dr Cenk is on call 24/7


Because depending on what you do you might be better off with a 2nd hand MPC1K.


There are bugs acknowledged and unfixed for years.

Buy one though


If it’s GAS only, don’t get it. OT mastering takes time and some devotion. It’s not switching on and there you go.

BUT, if you have already some educated idea or plan, how to use it in your setup, try it. :wink:


this is amazing, haha


I have an Analog Rytm, about 5 vintage analog synths, and a shiny new 0-Coast by Make Noise. Super experienced producer. Do not have any issues writing music. But always looking for new creative ways to enhance the workflow


Oh, and one more thing - if you do get it, and don’t like it, don’t let the ‘you just never understood how great it is’ crowd get to you. We are quite a few that actually found it accesible, but not that great… :wink:

Good luck in your travels.