Controlling Rytm and Virus TI with OT

Heh there

Thanks in advance if you can help me with this one :slight_smile:

I am trying to use the Octatrack as the MIDI control hub of my Rytm and Virus TI setup.

I would like to use the 8 MIDI tracks on the Octatrack to trigger/mute/unmute 5 tracks on the Rytm and sequence 3 on the Virus TI.

The MIDI sequence information for the Virus TI will live in patterns on the Octatracks MIDI tracks, whilst I will just be triggering and muting/unmuting the tracks on the Rytm (as the patterns will be on the Rytm itself).

I have read a few posts, and the manual on TRIGS MODES and QUICK MUTE (page 84)

I understand how to make the Virus tracks to work like this but am trying to work out how to trigger/mute/unmute the Rytm tracks.

Is there a more elegant way to do this, or is the Octatrack the wrong type of device to do this with. Should I be going back to Logic with its linear sequencing to achieve my goals.

Why don’t you mute/unmute the tracks directly on the AR ?


No difference with the Rytm, no?

Each Rytm track should have a mute CC#, so either P-Lock that, or get a midi box and remap the midi CC sent when mute/unmute on the Octatrack and remap to the CC the Rytm needs.

PS: Don’t waste your time as the Octatrack has a bug where you can’t mute/unmute multiple tracks simulteonsly, as in the Octatrack doesn’t send all the the required CC’s…

mmm…not sure the Octatrack will allow me to build whole tracks using the Rytm and Virus. How do other people do this.

Am I better sticking to a DAW for that linear sequencing of multiple synths, drum machines ?

Get youself acquainted with arranger mode on the OT. You should be able to sequence multiple full songs in one arrangement.

there is no set way of doing this. For a set with lots of tempo changes, sometimes i use a project per song, otherwise i usually use a bank per song, with the 4 parts being different parts of the same song. with multiple patterns for each part. However, I would advise you to drive in and just see what feels best for you. Bare in mind that tempo is saved per project not per pattern/bank, though you can set tempo changes in arranger mode.