Controlling digitakt transport from Protools

Ok apologies if 9 hours of manual-reading and video watching would clear this up. I want to do something pretty specific but hopefully not that complex.

I use Protools to record the Digitakt via overbridge. I know other DAWs are better for MIDI and electronic music, but I do a lot with mics and collaborate with a lot of other acoustic musicians who use ProTools, so I use ProTools.

What I am wondering is, since the 1.20 update has allowed for options in terms of transport control vs clock sync:

Is there a way to plant a command in a MIDI track in Protools that will effectively ‘press play’ on the Digitakt? Basically what I am looking to do is re-record the same pattern on the takt for multiple takes and get the recording to start in the same place every time, synced with the track i’m recording it on. (I just manually make the track bpm and takt BpM the same, works fine.) This way I can do multiple passes without attempting to hit ‘play’ in time with the click on Protools, and also it would allow me to focus on tweaking different individual tracks on each pass and then comping later but not needing to manually line everything up.

Is it clear what i’m asking? Anyone know the Takt and Protools’ MIDI capabilities well enough to answer? Is there a different/better way of getting the same results I’m not thinking of?


edit: ah nevermind lol

cool, thanks

No, thank you! Digitakt transport and clock are decoupled now, that’s all I know, no idea about PT.

I work in PT every day and I’m pretty sure what you’re asking is impossible. The only way to get the DT to play in sync is to send beat clock from PT and there’s no midi cc that allows you to start/stop the sequencer on the DT (at least not listed).

Maybe you could get Overbridge working with a VST wrapper and IF they’ve included start/stop as an automatable parameter that could work.

To make matters worse, the DT will just pause when I stop PT, meaning that when I hit play again it’ll resume at whatever step I hit stop rather than return to step one. This has always boggled me as every other midi box I own will return to start on stop. I you figure that one out let me know but for now I’ve avoided working with the DT and PT together as it’s just a confusing mess of constantly having to babysit the DT to make sure it starts on the right step.

Hop this helps.

More like pootools amirite?

In my setup (though I am still not using OB), I have the DT synced with beatclock through the USB cable. check your midi setup on PT and be sure to check “receive beat clock” on the DT. By the way tempo changes are working perfectly, etc…
Transport on the DT activates as soon as I hit “play” on Pro Tools, no problem.
One thing: tap the STOP button twice on the DT between passes, so next time you press PLAY it will start on trig 1.
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AAX support in Beta: Overbridge AAX/Protools beta test

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thanks David !
I have been waiting for this for a long time !!