Controlling 4 Tracks separately question



My setup goes like this -

Ableton Live - 4 midi tracks, each sending midi to the digitone on tracks 1,2,3,4 respectively.

Digitone - In the midi settings - Track 1 - Channel 1, Track 2 = Channel 2, Track 3 = Channel 3, track 4 = Channel 4

My digitone is connect to my mac via USB and i have a generic midi keyboard plugged in to the Midi IN on the digitone.

So, this is how i work -

I create a midi clip in ableton on channel 1, that is now playing track 1 on the digitone, then i arm the second track in ableton, track 2, now on the digitone i change auto channel to 2, then go to the browser and cycle through some sounds while playing the keyboard - the problem is is that it’s still triggering track 1 in the digitone - albeit it doesn’t trigger it fully, it just seems like it triggers a low bass sound from it.

Any ideas why that is?

It’s always channel 1 - when i do the same for tracks 3 and 4 - everytime i press the keyboard not only does that track play but channel 1 too.

I hope i’ve explained that ok, it’s a complex setup i guess.

Thanks for any help and advice, been reading the manual and testing but just can’t figure this one out.