Controling note "Length" parameter with cc or NRPN?

Hi !

I wonder if it’s possible to control the length knob via CC or via an other way on the Elektron A4 ?
To use the new sequencer mode with automations on the length (trig) position ?

An other question : Is it possible to use the new sequencer mode without having quantized notes, I am trying to receive notes on microtimed steps…
Because it just add notes to precise trigs, without microtiming, even if the values are not “round values”


Nope. Only performance macros, synth track, fx track and cv track parameters.

Midi implementation can be found in Appendix D:Midi at the end of the manual.

Perf macros ? Really ?

Yes. In the midi channel setup is a dedicated midi channel you can for performance.
So you’ll have to send cc on that channel to control the macros.

Midi CC and NRPN for A4 Mk1 and AK:

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Thank you, but I was thinking you talked about “what could control length parameter” :cry: