Control Digitone Track Mutes via Octatrack?

Ah hah! That’s what did it!

I actually was able to remove p-locks entirely, where I have both Track 1 and Track 2 transmitting on Channel 1 to the Digitone - with the entire OT track’s CC 94 value set to 0 or 1, and I swap mute states on either track to get it to play or not play. This actually works better too because now, in the arranger mode, I can just control the OT track mute states there! I just need 2 OT midi tracks per Digitone synth track, but that works since it’s 8 and 4 respectively. This is great! Thanks for pushing me in the right direction @Open_Mike!


Hi everybody, i’m trying to figure out how to setup the OT and DN that allows me to control the 4 DN MIDI tracks with the OT especially for MUTING . The idea is for ex when i’m jamming with the 2 machines, to use the OT mixer to MUTE and UNMUTE the 8 audio tracks of the OT + the 4 tracks of the DN via MIDI

Connection AUDIO : DN (Master Out) > (In A/B) OT // MIDI : OT (MIDI Out) > DN (MIDI In)

Is anyway possible this?

Thanks in advance

So you want to mute unmute DN tracks with Mixer page MIDI TRACKS MUTES?
You told me you succeded once?

I think the easiest is to sequence DN with OT, mute its midi tracks, but I’m not sure you’d be able to plock things in DN.

DN track mute is controlled by CC94. I don’t know if it toggles mute / unmute or if it’s something like this.
value = 0>mute,
value 1-127>unmute.
Possible to check that?

@Unifono did you succeed to do it?

I think i’ve done it once but i don’t know if it was me bugging or the machines

Yes this

Another possibility but in this case the program changes it will be not the same?

I like to program Drums, Percs and FXs on OT and do the Melodic stuff with DN and jamming between them. The OT is the Master clock and you can change the tracks is each machine the way you want

No, didn’t try it yet.
But my goal would be similar. I like to mute/unmute Digitone tracks from the OT Arranger

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If you want to control mutes with Mixer midi tracks mute buttons you’d need a midi processor. Should work nicely.

If it toggles mute/unmute it can be annoying to set up. OT doesn’t send the same consecutive midi CC twice, so you need to use 2 or more different values to send them.

Did you make some tests sending CC94 with OT?

Not so good on the MIDI side of things but i want to know more. Not at home to try this now but tonight il do it!

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here we go. as easy as that. thanks!

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Would be amazing if this could be done with one OT track, cause then I could use the other 4 tracks for the A4. Can’t figure out how I could do this. With two tracks it works perfectly indeed

Not sure if it is that easy. OT doesn’t send the same consecutive midi messages. It is sent once.

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So 0 is MUTE and 1-127 UNMUTE ?
Or it toggles with any CC 94 value ?

0 is unmute and 1-127 mute


So IIRC @vespr made a track with several CC 94 = 0 to mute and another one with CC94 = 1 to unmute?

Ok thanks! It would be a nightmare otherwise.
@unbesbai, you told me it was toggling!
So it would work for you with 2 midi tracks?

It works with 2 midi tracks that send CC94 to the same channel (one DN track).
On the first track you have CC 94 = 0, on the other CC>0
Then you mute/unmute these OT midi tracks accordingly

I hoped I could control 4 DN and 4 A4 tracks from the OT arranger

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Possible with a midi processor : OT sends CCs when you mute / unmute from Mixer page, or regular mutes. Easy to map a midi track mute to CC94 0/1.


Well, one more sign that tells me to buy a midi processor

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And that way you can also send any message from OT midi track. :wink:
You can even use that track to control another synth one a different channel (remapped).

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Ok I tried with a midi monitor. OT is definitely weird but in that case it can be useful :

You can toggle between CC94=0 and CC94=1 with one track. But you need a second track.

  • Trigless trig with CC94=0 on track 1
  • Trigless trig with CC94=1 on track 2

Mute / unmute track 1, it will toggle between CC94=0 and CC94=1 instantly, if track 2 is unmuted.

I noticed that weird behavior before. T1 has priority over T2 when it has the same CC. The most surprising thing is that the T2 CC is queued, and sent as soon as you mute you mute T1 !



Im looking for a octatrack and this will be brillinant if it can be done in one chanel only.

It might be possible if in one track the first step mutes and the last (with microtiming) unmute. This way when the track is active is always mute, and when you desctivate it it always unmute becoue of the last step of the previus pattern.
Can anyone try?