Consensus on Tb-03?


Some people love it, others don’t, what’s the general consensus on this instrument??


I didn’t like the sound enough. Next time I’ll fork over more cash for the more feature rich clones


Not a huge fan, but I’ve had numerous friends that make music use it a lot in music and performances and i think that’s cool.

IMHO most synthesizers and gear are whatever its really how YOU connect with it. If you have the opportunity to play on something try it out. If you are intrigued and can afford it get it. If not, then don’t worry about it.


I love it and I also have a Re 303, sound is fatter in the RE but i really love the sequencer in the tb 03. I am even considering buying one more tb 03. The CV Gate output on the TB is amazing i use it for my Oberheim SEM.


I have a digitakt for sequencing, should I pick up a Mb33 retro instead?


I also have the digitakt, if you go that way you will miss out on random patch feature, easy slides and a cool controller =)


Great clone, with excellent functionality (cv/gate, complete automation via midi, useful fx, better ergonomy compared to the original, etc). I don’t like the micro-usb power socket and the 6.35 jack output though.


Exactly. Otherwise a very good instrument. The details and pros and cons of every 303 clone / inspired machine are subject to personal taste imo. The sequencer is a key part of the 303 so I´d rather use the T03 than sequence an external synth with the Digitakt. I believe that using the right single cycle waveform in the Digitakt brings you very close to a satisfying result in most cases where you need a 303 sound in your track. For the rest you will need a real 303 or one of the million clones.


the digitakt doesn’t bring you that close, it sounds more a of a deep house type bass run through a acid filter. Its in the same ballpark and does sound good but its not a super convincing acid sound :roll_eyes: just my thoughts


It is possible… but glide/portamento/slide/whatever-you-name-it is still hard to achieve with the DT.


yes, slides would have to be done with the lfo and lots of tweaking and fine tuning


A4 is a much better fit here :slight_smile:


prefer and own the avalon bassline


Where it shines though is re-sequencing recorded acid loops !


TB-03 :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


I’ve been teetering between the TB and Cyclone TT-303 mk2. The latter is ugly as sin, but analog, normal midi/power, sounds lush as hell. have yet to play with either for a substantial period of time, so I can’t really say. Workin on it. In the mean time been trying to come up with something close with either my monologue or sirin, and they can both can get “acid” vibes, but nothing like a 303 really. I had the JU-06 and the micro usb power thing was annoying but not a deal breaker.


I was not seriously concidering to use the Digitakt as a 303 replacement, sorry. :slight_smile: I tried to point out that the use of the Digitakt as a synthesizer is a better approach than to hook up a MB33 via midi (what the OP suggested).


I’m a fan of the TB-03. I’m also a fan of the Audiorealism Bassline.

Through proper distortions and effects, they can all sound good.

For me it’s all about how much fun they are to use. The TB-03 is super fun


We weren’t dissing u :smile: but why is it a better approach then midi? I don’t see what the problem is


I’d be quite happy with a tb03 , it’s got midi cc and sound wise seems fine

I had an Avalon with sem filter and sold it enabling me to buy other gear and have money left over , it’s good but for the money you can get much better broader analog monosynth synths ( moog for example )

At the moment I use abl3 plugin ( sounds very good ) or tt303mk1.
Also have a mam mb33retro and rack ( haven’t used this for a long time as it’s not as convenient) , and a tb3 which has quite a varied sound range but it’s not quite as good as the other boxes I have.

Recent tb03 have been around £220 which I think is very reasonable.