Connecting AR + DN + 0coast - how to make it work?


I’v got two fundamental questions about the constellation AR, DN, 0coast which i can’t figure out myself.

  1. Is the DN capable of controlling & sequencing the 0coast via midi, given that it lacks CV out?

  2. Having browsed through the forum and searching through google, i am still somewhat confused as to which order I can make the combination Analog Rytm (mk1), 0 coast and a Digitone work together? I am quite indifferent as to which machine is master / slave between the AR / DN.

Supposing that the DN actually is able to properly sequence external instruments - allowing the 0 coast to join the party, which order should I connect A) Midi B) Audio between the three components? Which machine feeds all combined instruments to a master output? I’d ideally avoid using a mixer if possible.

Thank you!


My recommendation would be that:

Midi: AR is Master, midi out to DN, DN midi out to the 0-coast.

Audio: same way back, 0-coast audio out to DN, DN audio out to AR

This is probably the best way to connect these 3 devices without a mixer.


And yes, you can sequence the 0-coast from the DN via Midi.


Thanks a lot for your responses!
Does that mean that if the DN receives midi from the AR, the DN’s midi out isn’t influenced in any way by the AR since it feeds the 0coast? Only midi thru from the DN forwards AR data to the 0coast (essentially non-tonal information)?

Audio return, i suppose a 2x TS to single TRS then sums stereo input into the AR. The only drawback is that i heard the input volume for the AR mk1 is ridiculously low, which makes me a bit worried the DN and 0coast come in too low? Or perhaps the discussions online about the AR mk1 input are based on improper gain staging?


Yes, the DN midi out is not influenced by the AR midi. The DN is just receiving clock and transport information from the AR.

The External Audio settings of the AR are not that much practical as on the DN.
The Audio Signal goes directly to the compressor where you could adjust the volume to fit to the AR signal. In theory. I couldn’t get it to work properly by myself. So maybe not a good solution, but try it, maybe it works for you.

If the DN had the same audio in settings as the A4 (where you can process the left and right signals individually with level, pan and fx send), I would recommend to feed AR and
0-coast mono into the DN. But unfortunately, on the DN you can’t send the inputs separately to the effects.


You could also use AR midi out > DN midi in, sending clock and program changes. Midi out from DN > AR midi in, in order to send midi to rytm (cc messages for additional lfos and much more), then from AR midi thru > O-coast midi in. send the midi for ar and 0-coast on different channels and it should work fine

you could also use dn as master clock to gain bpm per pattern but loose song mode…

audio wise i would send the 0-coast to DN in and DN to AR. this way you can control 0-coast level with dn input volume and send all thru rytm master compressor… i run a4 into ar and find it very usable with a little gainstaging…


im pretty sure you can do exactly what you wrote on dn :wink:

pretty much the same as on a4


Unfortunately not.
You can set the volume and the pan for left and right input, but there is no individual level for the fx sends. Only for both.


Ok, I see what you mean now. Hope in the case of the OP it should not be a problem, as the 0-coast probably comes in mono anyway…


I have to try the Rytm inputs again next time, the last time I couldn’t get it to work properly. Do you have any tips for the comp settings?


Attached is an image of the DN manual. If I opt out of treating incoming audio on the DN with FX, I assume I could feed the Left input with a stereo signal from the AR and Right input with a mono signal from the 0 coast? If keeping both inputs centered?

Otherwise it seems I also have the option of applying your previous suggestion Quotnique, given that nionmu hasn’t experienced issues with audio in for the AR. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your contributions so far. Good discussion!


usually I have kind of a parallel compression going on, with high ratio and fast attack. I set threshold (a little to much) at full wet mix and than dial the mix back to around 30 to 60… dont touch the make up gain at all, maybe the volume on this page to 110 or max…


rytm track levels are under 100 mostly.

i also use the ar master distortion which is before the external in, so boosts the rytm signal also a little

this way the a4 is loud enough (a4 on full main output level)


Thank you so much for your help. I also tried this today and it works fine. Now for the next days, A4 and Rytm combo will be my playground.