Confused about MIDI on Digitone

I dont know whats going on but I am getting realy confused about the digitone.

Why in midi config does it have options for all 8 tracks surely only the midi tracks should have the ability to output to midi channels? The midi config is for the midi output right? Then to set input for the track I go into Syn?

I have no idea what is happening I have a behringer neutron set to midi 1 and its all plugged in but the digitone will just not communicate whatever I do… I have midi track 1 set to input 1 and output 1 I have a behringer swing plugged in and this is set to midi 1 so surely this should work?
But it does not. And if I put the swing directly into the neutron it works fine. SO the digitone is the missing link…

Also having issues where I record a pattern but it playing it a few times then defaulting to the basic sine tone and making some random sounds…

really finding it all very confusing and I just wanna make some music not be trying to “figure” things out when its as basic as making it communicate to a synth over midi :frowning:

I do not think its very clearly described in the manual as I had to hunt around to realise that to set midi input I hve to go to Syn not be in the midi config menu.

Hello! Dont get discouraged, you can understand and set everything up - easy.

Keep all Digitone midi settings default, go into any midi track, press SYN button, and set channel there. (func+press A encoder) Should be same as Neutron is set to.

this way midi track that you chose will send midi out to neutron.

MIDI config settigns are mainly for external controllers, so that you can set up a keyboard to control both digitone and other gear thats plugged into digitone.
It was confusing for me too but its quite useful.

as for this, havent encountered that myself but would suggest checking if you are on the latest firmware, and using correct power supply :v:

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ok so…

midi source is actually the midi out?? why is it called source not output or something…
I can make sounds on the external synth with the inbuilt keys of the digitone, I made a pattern and it send it to the synth now thanks.

But whatever I set the midi tracks to in midi config it makes no difference at all it never picks anything up from the swing…

I swear I did this before and it all worked just fine I mean its very simple element of the design :frowning:

try setting your Swing to output on channel 10, this way your keyboard will play notes on whatever track you are on (internal or midi).

Channel 10 is default “Auto” channel on the digitone, which will make your external keyboard behave as if its inbuilt keys.

honestly i might be wrong about these things, because i only run DN+BB, but i hope i can help!

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ok but what if I have two midi controllers and I want one to permanently be triggering one midi track and the other to permanently be locked to another midi track? I dont get why this is so difficult to be getting right… its so simple… midi input midi output… why are they not labelled in a way that makes sense :frowning:

So midi config is the midi input channels, and midi source is the midi output channels…

so why when I have my midi track 1 set to input 1 and output 1 why doesnt it work?

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Welcome to the forum!

Which two MIDI controllers?

Elektron thoughtlessly copied the label “MIDI Source” from the previous product in the line (Digitakt, a sampler) where the second of the parameter buttons is labelled “SRC” (source, as in audio signal source, which isn’t appropriate for the Digitone).

It’s difficult to diagnose from a few lines of text, so let’s take it step-by-step to get you to your destination:

You say that you can use the trig keys on the DT on its MIDI track 1 to play the Neutron, which is a great first step.

Connect the MIDI Out port of the Swing to the MIDI In port of the Digitone (DN).


  • set INPUT FROM to “MIDI” and
  • activate RECEIVE NOTES.


Set the Swing’s MIDI channel to 10.

The Swing should now play whichever track (MIDI or synth) is the currently-selected track on the DN.

Report back to us on how this goes for you.


I thought I updated this… I had receive midi notes off how stupid of me. … Easy to over look I am very unfamiliar with the digitione still. I am going to give it some effort to get to know it better thanks for pointing me in the right direction.