Conditional P-Locks!

Dear Elektron,

I would like to have „Conditional P-Locks“

Thank you…


I’ve made max patches like that and it is a lot of fun! But how would you integrate the feature into the elektron workflow?

When Elektron brings conditional p-locks on the MK3s, everyone will go crazy. Maybe add some more trig conditions into the mix for additional madness.

UI-wise, it could even be implemented into the current boxes; On the OT, just add another lane into the track trig menu (where trigs, slide trigs, swing trigs and record trigs are shown), A4/AK has two unused spaces in the note menu, one is right next to TRC.
On the Rytm, hmm, maybe in the retrig menu?

Aww, dreaming of conditional p-locks :loopy:

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It’s time to share! :wink:

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The technique I use is a sample and hold connected to a RNG and when the sequencer reaches the step with the alternate parameter (I shouldn’t really call them p-locks since I am not doing this super fast like you can with elektron stuff), the sample and grabs a value and compares it with probability and decides if the alternate value will be applied this time through the sequence.

That could work!

Sidebar, what are the swing trigs good for? Isn’t there micro timing?

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OT has microtiming and swing. Swing trigs lets you decide on a per trig basis which trigs have swing applied.
Swing can be global for all tracks in a pattern or set individually for each track.


The OP-Z has conditional p-locks. They’re called step components, and they are utterly killer.

Could you fake them by using lock trigs just before a note trig?

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cant you make trigless locks? those can have a conditional, right?


I’m going to try that.

It works! Trigless lock right after a trig, with micro timing to snug it right up to the left. I’ve successfully changed the pitch of a note, and added conditional reverb/delay. It’s not as easy as the OP-Z, but it gets the job done!


Great! Thank you !!