Computer Video Game Recommendations

Yeah I still need to hunt down the secret language puzzle on my own lol I don’t like looking puzzles up especially on resident evil games and Silent hill games / on silent hill 3 you can set the puzzle difficulty to hard. XD


LOL this should keep you busy for the next 20 years!


god I always forget about the witness… such a mind blowing game, never quite had an experience like that before.


Metal Gear Sold series
Resident Evil series (the remakes are great as are the original 4)
Sekiro if you’re looking for a challenge, Same with bloodborne
The last of us

That’s basically all I’ve been playing recently, kinda comfort gaming I suppose. I usually love survival horror games, puzzlers, single play type things as I’m not a big FPS online gamer. Always been more a console gamer too, Nintendo and on to PlayStation.


Man we like the same games !


A bunch have been named already (Fez/Hyperlight Drifter/FTL) but Katana Zero/Dead Cells/Super Meat Boy are just endless fun.

If you like Metroidvanias I recommend Axiom Verge.

Some good FPSs: Battlefield 4/Arma 3/PUBG/Counter Strike

Forza 7 is pretty good, more sim like than usual.

Rocket League was mentioned too but that game is fun with friends! Highly recommend it.

Games that only work on PC (RTS):

StarCraft/Age of Empires/Ashes of the Singularity

There were some RTS ports for console but it’s not the same…


Man, when I did play pc games, it was Starcraft. Was obsessed with it when I was in high school. Used to play Civilisation 2, sim city, sim hospital and age of empires a lot too…oh and quake.


Yea man I love games with challenge/atmosphere and a campy plot is always a bonus. It’s a great time for survival horror type games, it’d be great if we got a Dino crisis remake.


Oh! Sim City/Roller Coaster Tycoon haha what fun times.

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Oh random thought but: factorio

Seriously addictive game…

It’s like a Sim City survival programming 4D chess game hahaha


super hot
super hot
super hot


seconding Factorio - most realistic with Xander mod, but harder
seconding Alien: Isolation
seconding Doom series:

Quake 1 (soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails) - Dark Places engine, HQ pack, then do Dimension of the Past 5th episode
Children of a Dead Earth
Kerbal Space Program (with Real Solar System & Realism Overhaul modpacks)
Samorost 3 (sound by Floex; worth every penny IMO; their Machinarium is good too)
Half-Life: Black Mesa
Homeworld (remastered series can be had through GOG)
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 series
Space Engineers
Serious Sam
StarCraft 1 (if you can find it remastered; I know it exists)
Total Annihilation (remastered for Spring RTS engine, or Escalation)
Super Hot
Super Hot
Super Hot
Descent 1, 2 (with HQ mod? where?), 3, and maybe Freespace series with HQ mod too
Oxygen Not Included
Alpha Centauri (on a deep discount now)

Not 100% sure about (but nevertheless): No Man’s Sky Next (needs deserting/hardening mod); Hollow Knight; Diablo 1 (1 'cause atmosphere, but is there remastered HQ version?)
Do not, I repeat do NOT play Eve Online - it is so good, it is worse than crack, you’ll be dropped out of university, then loose your girlfriend, your wife and your job.


So many great games to play and most of my faves have already been mentioned. These two are a bit trippy, but really worth a play:
The Stanley Parable


Replayed Alien Isolation again recently on nightmare mode. Such an underrated title.


I have only played the Switch ports but I love Civilization VI + expansions, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and recently I’ve been digging Cities: Skylines.

I reeeally want to play Disco Elysium but I don’t have a PC so am waiting on the PS4 port.


don’t kill me but I’m wondering why everyone is so in love with the witness? I played about half of it and while some of the puzzles were very clever, I found it annoyingly pretentious and stopped when I hit a difficulty wall that was more related to graphical glitches (branches) than the game itself. is there some crazy switch up later on that I missed out on?

a clever puzzle game that I really enjoyed was Stephen Sausage Roll. nobody really talks about it but it really blew my mind. try not to look up any solutions, even if a level takes you days to solve.

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I tagged these with PC since that is my experience with them. May be on multiple platforms. Tried to make this short and diverse.

Single Player adventures, takes a while to finish:

*Yoku’s Island Express (PC 2019) (cute, colorful relaxed metroidvania with flipper mechanics)
*A Plague Tale : Innocence (PC 2019) (3rd person action/adventure: Great story, graphics, intense atmosphere)
*Yakuza 0 (PC 2018) (3rd person open world action adventure: Great wacky sense of humor, addictive, colorful, lot’s of fun minigames)
*Hellblade: Sennua’s Sacrifice (PC 2017) (3rd person psychological viking horror/slasher/puzzle: intense atmosphere, great graphics, character driven)

Single player games that can be finished quicker/won’t outstay their welcome:
*Donut County (PC 2018) (cute, indie, puzzle: can be finished within a few hours)
*Horizon Chase (PC 2018) (arcade racer with a retro flair)
*Thumper (PC 2016) (rhytm based psychedelic racer)


Knytt Underground




Quake 3 Arena, the greatest PC game ever made, period.


Planescape: Torment and other Infinity Engine games