Compressor - Best Settings

Hi, I’m looking for the best compressor settings. I would like a gentle pumping effect, but without exaggeration. Ideally, these should be glue settings.

Really the best way is to play around and find what works best for you. I usually explore in this order: mix to 100, ratio to max, threshold, attack, sidechain, release, back to threshold and ratio to ease back, makeup gain, mix in original signal.


Try (in this order): mix 100, ratio: 1:2 or 4, sidechain: HPF or HIT, threshold down about a quarter, attack to taste, release A1, makeup gain to taste, back to mix to bring in original signal to taste.


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Almost too much information for the OP to avoid asking the same question, imo. I can’t see myself doing it, but there needs to be some curation/amalgamation/culling of those multiple questions if we really expect the forum to be a knowledge base that is searchable, and avoid repeat questions.

The sheer amount that anyone would have to read to glean something actionable from your link leads to these “eternal September” threads.

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I understand the purpose of asking posters to search first, but faced with 50+ results…what would you do?

EDIT: OK, I looked at the top four. One of which is a topic that neatly links to the three main existing topics. In this case, there is little excuse. Start here Compressor settings? - #5 by PeterHanes


My post merely adds useful links for further research, I never mentioned doing a search - I could have merged or just wait for the flags which would have come, but went for a different tack

If there are 50+ relevant threads then something is amiss, that’s why it’s encouraged to search in any case, rather than treating the forum as per the way social media questions are posed

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