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nice track, i love the rhythm of the drums over the first minute or so. i quite like it, so i’ll just respond to your point about the mix.

one thing that stands out is that the highs lack presence, especially early on. the other is that it starts clipping at 3:40. if that’s an intentional thing, then just ignore this.


Hey Monodogue, lovely track.
As a feedback I would just say regarding the mixing, you could review what are the low contents sources of your track and try to filter it to the essential… sometimes I feel like hide, snare and other artifacts add to a flat mixing to my songs overall… So I would pay attention to that. But honestly it is sounding dope already. I love that pad!


Man this track is really nice, I am a sucker for this kind of music… but this is just great! Love the precision sounding bass there… I think the snare just needs a bit more of a sparkle to cut through. That’s it imo…


Thanks for some solid feedback!

@Bob - Thanks!
@303abuser - I think that’s just the overdrive on the leadpad, so it’s intentional. :slight_smile:
@Padevil - Will revisit the mix and look closer at frequencies for the individual tracks.


Thanks to all for the feedback and kind words. The drums are a drummer from a on Fiverr. I think there was a problem with the snare mic on the take I liked and edited . So I had to use one of the tom mics instead. Very difficult to get real presence out of it. It’s one of those tracks mixing fatigue kicked in and I was beginning to dislike the music. Mixing does my head in at times. :slight_smile:


Here’s my latest house track, made with the A4, DT, Diva. I’m happy to have feedback on anything, but I’m specifically curious about the mix as we debated a few things while mastering it. Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


Really nice Vibe. Reminds me of Air or Zero 7 indeed. I agree with @Bob, the drums could have more weight


Great track, love restless arps, but the best part in my opinion is the last 3min or so when the hazy pad and ride lifts the energy to that “early hours vibe”.

I did miss a little separation between the frequencies, like others have pointed out, the highs and lows could be a bit more punchy and clear. Recently I have had great success in this regard by removing a lot of frequencies around 250-280hz on almost all elements and lastly on the master channel as well. In conjunction to what @padevil suggested, stripping elements of unwanted frequencies, should result in better headroom and clarity.

Intro is bang on though, love the drive and energy between the kick, bass the compressed percussion.


Interesting track, sounds fit together nicly and the mix sounds clear, clean and punchy (to my unprofessional ears). It did get increasingly more interesting towards the end along with the intensity, but ended a little abruptly in my opinion. Would have loved to hear how that FM sound turned out in the end :slight_smile:


What I am working on currently:

I really need to figure out how to make some decent techno builds and breaks, as it is what I feel is missing from this project. Any feedback would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely hypnotic indulcing vibrations on your work. Sounds great, like a lot the sidechain on the pad, it sounds well mixed also. I think you could just give a little bit more presence to the pad, be a bit more careless with its filter maybe? Hard to point out :slight_smile:
About the buildups and breakdowns: what is now - at least on my music - one more element I always consider, is the use of risers and impacts (they are both the sam but inverted), I am still learning how to deal with them, but I find much inspiration in the works of ANNA and Whebba.
(If you don’t know ANNA, her name is too common and awfully hard to find without a reference track, so I suggest “hidden beauties”).


So this is what I have been working on, I noticed the resonance overload by the end, but now it is done… I mean I won’t correct anything anymore since it will be released on a VA soon…

I really would love to hear your feedbacks :slight_smile:

(Digitakt - Drums + artifacts // Peak - Arp + Pads // Google Nsynth - Leads // Ju-06 - Bass)


@Padevil Thanks! Great suggestion in regards to risers and impacts, that is actually something that has eluded me completely so far, even though I have been looking for elements to break up my songs with :slightly_smiling_face:

Seen both ANNA and Whebba play live recently, mindbending to say the least - huge fan of that hard hitting, hypnotic and fluid style of techno. Great to hear I ticked a few of the boxes I was aiming for at least.

As to your last post, I probably couldn’t tell you what to improve on as it sounds way more polished than any of my turds ever sounded :smile: The lead is what enchanted my attention though, sounds like those percussive grill lids.

Sharing the song I'll be using Digitakt on

i think you’ve got a good start on this one. to keep in interesting (and as padevil mentioned) it needs sound fx splashes (e.g. one shot delayed sounds than pan in and out, come over the top, etc.), risers, transition sounds.

i think the lead sound that comes in around the 1:00 mark and runs through most of the track is really good to build tension. adding some automation to intensify it as the track progresses would probably work well. i like that it starts subtly, but bringing it to the front by 3 minutes or so would help.

coming out of the break at 3:36, there’s distortion/clipping when the kick hits. if that’s not intentional, check that out, you may have run out of headroom.

overall, it’s got a nice feel.


Cheers for the great advice. Unfortunately I’ve had to shelf the project for the time being. Worked a little too much on the idea and it sort of warped into something els, funny how that works out :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is the current state of the track, perhaps I will find the inspiration to finishing it some other day.

Already nose deep into the next one :smile:


@michailof I really dig the last track, it’s very hypnotic.
I have not many comments to add, you seem to master your art way more than I do :wink:
I like it that you leave some place for breathing…

I have only one suggestion : on you main SoundCloud page, on the right bellow your banner, you may change the url of your soundcloud account from user-134678 to the moniker of your choice. I would do that :slight_smile:


Sharing the track we did tonight which I used the Digitakt on.

All drums, and lots of little FX are all done on the DT.

Let me know what you think!

Best regards,


Digitakt as soundcard+midi controller+sampler

oops. double post.


Good thread idea.
Although they may be a bit after the fact, here are some thoughts (when I finally post mine, please be brutally honest):

@Bob Sounds cool!
The rimshot (?) accompanying the BD does sound a little like click to me.
What might make it a little more varied is to change it to the off-beat (so it sits with the HH) after a break, then change it back after another break.
Also, the fade on the cutoff at the end, would have made for a good break down in the middle of the song - it sounds very final and then, bam! Back in :+1:t2:

@milkclerk Nice! Like the way it evolves. Perhaps it’s because of the length you were going for, but the build up doesn’t really pay off/ it doesn’t sound complete, even for a short mix.

@Python The second verse might be enhanced by the addition of something - consider a part that you feel could be removed during the first part of the song and only introduce it after the chorus/ intro to the 2nd verse, a bassier sound would be good for this imo.

@Bcharlie Good and chill - the track achieves its purpose.
I think the drums could have been eq’d a little differently though. They sounded a bit lacklustre (not the playing) and could do with some character e.g. sparkle or grit.

@Monodogue More my kind of thing. I like the initial loop, but found the arp didn’t really fit as I was expecting something more darker melodically, not sure. The pad that comes in towards the 2nd half works great.

@303abuser Can’t find anything to add. The mix sounds fine to me, but I don’t post process my ideas. Nice housey groove man!

@michailof That’s the kind of thing I’d like to do! I’ll be tuned to the suggestions about breaks and builds as well :wink: Can definitely hear evolution of ideas in the second version - sounds like you have your builds down more in comparison.
Nice pipe-dog.

@Padevil High frequencies seem emphasised a bit much for me. And the stereo play with the percussion was too much for me at times. Thoughtful rises and falls though :slight_smile:

@Gino Great to hear some vocals! I must admit, they seem to get overpowered at times, especially by the synth bass - which is standout by the way!

Well done all for posting their work :slight_smile:


nice track! i love the bassline, the first 10 seconds is a really cool intro. the bassline and the vocals sound like they’re competing a bit at times, but i don’t think it’s a huge issue – it didn’t make me enjoy it any less. i think the vocal could use some eq’ing/filtering at the top end, it was a little resonant in a few spots.

good job and thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: