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here’s my latest house track made with the DT/A4/Diva and mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

thanks in advanced for listening and any feedback, hope you like it. :slight_smile:


Really cool chord progression! That bassline is awesome and goes really well with the singing. She has a great voice. Can’t wait to hear more :slight_smile:


Love the vocals! The arrangement is interresting. Love the part rigth after the break midway.

But i would love some more “omphf” in the bottom end. On both the bassline and the drums. The vocals could be a little bit louder, as i feel it is overpowered by the bassline. But love the song, and it has great potential!


If mastery should feel like a mad scramble, I guess I am well within the ballpark :stuck_out_tongue:
In all seriousness though, thanks for the feedback!

I belieive it’s a very wow nice pipe-dodge :sweat_smile:
Regarding breaks and builds - My musical knowledge is very limited so it’s been a slow process. The most effective method so far has actually been to analyze tracks by pen, paper and a pair of headphones. Tedious and boring, but a method I’d recommend. Now I’ve got a whole notebook full of ideas I would probably have forgotten about already :slight_smile:

I would dance to that! Impressive stuff man!


here’s another house track i just finished. again made with the DT/A4/Diva and mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

as always, thanks in advanced for listening and any feedback, hope you like it. :slight_smile:


There’s always something in the mix I can’t quite put my finger on:) I think it sounds really good. Regarding the mix I think this is really a mater of taste but here are my thoughts anyway. I think I would try and cut a little in the low end on the bass drum. Maybe just below 100 hz and some 400 too. Maybe I would try and tweak the synths and the bass drum together a little more to clean up some overlapping frequencies. I think the high end sounds really good. If I was going to do anything maybe I would try to smooth out som high frequencies around 3:15. Again this is only what I would have thought if I was working on a mix and it’s a matter of taste and style. I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with the mix the way it is.


wonderful track! the vocals are top notch and the bassline makes me wanna play wipeout or f-zero. the part after the break around 2:10 was a little unexpected at first, but fits really well. the only part i’m not too psyched about is the little spoken word bit at the end. that bit reminded me of a song called “Uzbekistan” by the Sound of Animals Fighting, which i used to listed to a lot when i was younger.


To my ears the mix sounds nice and clear, at least on my monitors (Adam Audio T5V). The track loses a lot of momentum before hitting back in around the 3 minute mark. Not a second too long. However, i felt that there could have been another element added during the last minute, as the track is just kind of ends. i still really enjoyed listening!

EDIT: i also quite enjoyed the track called Sundog. Is that a reference to Moondog? :slight_smile:


here’s a track i’ve been sitting on for quite a while. it’s mostly op-z and vocals through the vt-4. i feel that the delay on the vocals might be a little too resonant at some moments, but i’m hesitant to turn it down as i really like the overall atmosphere of how it turned out. feedback would be very much appreciated!


Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

The official track is on all streaming platforms, if you search for Snth, this track is called Persist.

I’m using the DT a lot on our latest tracks, but they are not all published yet.

Best regards,



thanks so much for the feedback. when i’m writing house (vs. more soundscape stuff), i’m always fighting between making it mixable for a dj and not having the intro be too long/stale when listening to it as a stand alone song. glad you liked it and i appreciate your comments.

glad you liked sundog too, i was really happy with how the vocals turned out. and there’s no reference with the name, i mostly just make something up lol.


i’ve listened to it a couple of times and the mix is definitely close. the resonance on the vocals didn’t bother me, but i thought the vocals were masked at times by other elements (both synths and percussion). it’s not really my genre, so if that’s an artistic choice, then no worries, but if your intention is a “pop song” type mix, then you may want to consider that.


I just make jams. I have a hard time mixing things together, it feels like pin the tail on the donkey sometimes. Doesnt help that im forced to use headphones for the time being

Short one

Longer ones

All made with elektrons and other synths


I probably don’t have a sufficient technical background and I can’t find the words to bring constructive comments,

But I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this track, I think that’s is very well structured.

And I love that final sound (I think it’s made with voices, I’m curious to know how it’s done)!


recently I’ve tried out a new concept to enhance my productivity: I invite a friend to spend the night in my studio with the aim of starting with an empty ableton sheet and ending up with a track on soundcloud.
The results have thusfar been pleasing for both my guests and me; curious to hear your comments:
All made with digitakt, bs2, and MicroFreak


Cool track! I get the feeling that the whole track leaves some room for an attention grabbing sample on top of it; just some people talking or smth like that; would give it an additional human touch


thanks for the feedback. it’s funny that you mention adding something on top, i feel like most of the tracks i’ve finished leave me with the same feeling. i usually write bottom up (kick, bass, then some percussion, pads, and leads/vox at the end) and i think it’s a byproduct of that process. i’m really going to think about adding more elements like that on my future projects and see how it goes.


For me it was a big revellation working with a singer: suddenly all of my track turned into some form of accompainment-one giving context to the other and vice versa- and it all felt like clicking into place… :slight_smile:


that makes sense. i’ve spent so much time trying to give sounds more space and making my arrangements less cluttered, that i’ve gone too far in the wrong direction at times. it’s a fun learning process.