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Maybe it’s needed to ensure this particular instrument functions as intended? People look at what this device has that others lack. Pretty sure the other devices have a tonne of other features this one lacks. Elektron are under no obligation to make all devices absolute concurrent in feature set, although they seem to try their best at doing so. I don’t think people realise how complex managing concurrent features are forward and back in time, across various products, is.


Didn’t even consider this, that’s an excellent point about the time based fx


Yes. I get that, of course. But holding off on including that feature for THIS particular device. I mean, surely, you can understand the negative response to it? I believe the branding of this machine is meant to be “the affordable option”- that’s the branding, is it not?

It just comes across as if they’re selectively limiting their machines in order to sway people to either buy this new machine,(that may otherwise not have a use for what this hardware offers) or buy an OT.

Which they’re totally allowed to do, no doubt- but it introduces a similar apprehension with Elektron similar to a sleazy used car dealership.


I find it best to accept it and move on. I agree wholeheartedly but they’re a company and will do things like deliberately leave features out and deny it. And fans will back them up on it. Love elektron but they very obviously lead out features to avoid overlap and deny it, im cool with it tho, better than no elektron


I guess having worked in software design I have a sympathetic view on this. Each box has literally thousands of features under the hood. I can just understand the level of documentation, review, testing it would take to not let something like this slip through with certainty. I doubt Elektron sit around a table and review absolutely every single feature to ensure it doesn’t slip through the net for fear of upsetting someone. They just don’t have the person power to review and make decisions on thousands of options. I would expect it’s a case of ‘this specific feature would be really cool and work well in this device so let’s include it’, and often it is just a developer with some autonomy doing so during coding - build phase.


That’s what i was thinking too, with their previous catalog. However, there is no significant case for why this feature is more welcome in this machine than, say the Digitakt.


Yeah, you’re right.

It’s just a bizarre shift in the perception of a brand. Like, removing overlap between products before felt so casual and natural. This one seems so arbitrary, it’s annoying.


There doesn’t have to be a ‘case’, just someone deciding it will fit well. It could be a situation of different developers working on different device projects or a gap in quality management, versus a concerted effort to bean count a single feature in to sway sales one way or another. But that’s just how I see it. I’m not really a big one for conspiracy theories especially when discussing 1 feature amongst thousands.


It’s probably a little of column A and a little of column B realistically. You’re both right. No conspiracy theory but I doubt elektron is completely oblivious to what they’re doing either


Firmware updates don’t earn instant cash. F*ck it though, stick a load of features that people actually want in the DT & DN and I’d pay for it.


I wasn’t really referring to anyone specific as this has been mentioned many times on here, and by many people assuming lines of code will fix it right up.


But maybe it isnt technically Not so easy to implement in older Machines due to Hardware issues?


Plus they have to Finish OB First…


I think it’s a mistake to look at features and devices as though they are completely interchangeable. Sure, it’s nice to have some parity and consistency, and to a large degree all Elektron instruments do. However, just because one device has a feature, does not at all mean all of the others have to.

I understand wanting features that one likes on another device. I’d love parameter slides on the Digis for example. If I suddenly get that, I’ll be elated. However, in reality, some devices do some things, others do others.

Put in a suggestion and hope it can be implemented I suppose? If not, the instrument still does what it could do originally, if not more.


I know we’re not supposed to be expecting any more new products but are we expecting any further announcements from Elektron at NAMM? There was some chatter about something to make OT owners happy…?


No, there will not be anything more announced at NAMM.


How underwhelming :frowning:

Oh well, at least my wallet is safe :slight_smile:


My view precisely


But aren’t OT owner not already happy, because the unveiling of the M:S reminded them (again) how superb the OT actually is? :wink:


Solid reasoning, but I just don’t want that guy to be right :smiley: