Clocking external sequencer with AR

Hi, i would like to sync AR with my external modular sequencer, Intellijel metropolis that have only an external clock input. I tried using a doepfer mcv4 midi to cv/gate converter (AR midi out into mcv4 midi in and mcv’s gate out into clock in of the sequencer) but mcv gate out does not Lit and sequencer clock input isnt receiving any signal. How could i sync external gear with ar? Does AR send midi clock? But how can i send this clock to my modular having only a midi to cv? I was thinking to use my Roland tr8 to receive midi clock than send a synced gate out from tr8 midi out, than convert it with midi to cv/gate before send it to modular clock in… OR the same trick using volca with midi out mods…
Thank you in ad ance for any help


I use a Tip top Trigger riot. I send din sync from the AR to the Trigger Riot, and then send clocks out from the TR to everything else.

You can also use Pamela’s workout from ALM. It also syncs to DIN, and sends clock out.

You will need to buy or make a DIN to 3.5mm cable.

You could also just send a rim shot sample out to the metropolis clock in. this of course burns a track/output.

Lots of threads on Muffwiggler about this.


Thanks man, i thougth to another trick, uploading a square wave click sample and send it to one separate output, as you suggested i’ll first try with rimshot. Do you think that a midi to sync wont work as well?

I am developing a small affordable box that converts dinsync to 8th and 16th note triggers, so you can connect that to the AR thru or out and set that to a dinsync output, when the AR starts the box sends 8th and 16th note triggers.

Here is some more info:

I will be making a demo video showing it later this week, expect them to be available around mid-late January.

Wow man sounds excellent!!! Hurry i need it!!! :smiley:

I’m guessing you saw this? I made a video that specifically shows the RYTM clocking to a metropolis…

here’s another! modular clocked via din24 into a 4ms qcd dividing by 6

Whoaaa thanks bio, didn’t saw this!! :open_mouth:

Shit. I just posted a new thread about this issue of the BPM being 6X the unit’s BPM.

Why the hell is it 6X faster???

I made a din cable as I noted above, and it works. I noticed that you’re diving by 6 to solve this issue. Is this a bug?

This is not a bug. Din sync is 24 pulses per quarter note. Most modular systems clock to 16th notes. 4 16ths to a 1/4 note. 24 ÷ 4 = 6. Thats why you need the divider.

:frowning: my heart is broken!
The best I can do is take it to 3X since I don’t have anything that divides better… damn… guess I’ll have to pick one up! I knew it was only a matter of time…

Thanks for the info!

I send midi clock from the rytm to my Kenton modular midi to cv.

Available now