Class Compliant Audio?

(I’m on V1.10) Is it possible to output the master L/R audio direct from the Digitakt’s USB port?

I was recently using the Model:Samples in my set up, sending both master Audio & Midi over USB to iPad, very simple and worked great. Check it out:

I’ve since upgraded to the Digitakt, and find myself missing the audio over usb. I know overbridge allows you to send all 8 channels, but iOS does not support this and I only really need the master out.



The Model:Samples is the first and actually only Elektron device which supports class compliant audio.


Hey tnsubb, Thanks for you reply. I guess I have to hope the devs implement class compliant audio in the future, or that iOS supports Overbridge, which is unlikley.

Maybe I can explore an analogue to digital converter, something like the Behringer UCA222. But I really want less wires/dongles, not more :wink:

This is something the whole Digitakt world is waiting for. I thought it‘s a hardware thing but was told that they could make the Digitakt class compliant with a firmware update. I will be pretty sour if only a Digitakt 2.0 hardware will get it. Artificial slowing down of devices just to sell the others is a bas business practice.

Well yeah. Conspiracy Mode on.
And now for real…my guess is Elektron have this in their backlog but lower priotized, because everyone is bitching about finishing Overbridge First.

Class compliant and overbridge for AUM please :wink:


pretty sure that when it happens, elektron will sell lots of digitakt to ipad owners :wink:


This. Overbridge on iOS is not going to happen, but stereo out via USB would be amazing for iOS users - sending audio and MIDI over USB would make it an amazing companion for iPad…


it’s supernecessary :wink:


I’m actually returning my M:S to get a Digitakt so I’m really hoping this will get added.