Chicago Nauts Unite!

Greetings to all Chicagoans hanging on Elektronauts! After seeing a few posts by fellow Windy City musicians I thought it would be cool to have a thread to post about local venues, our music/performances, and possible meetups.

Personally I am interested in finding out about live hardware acts in the city and would love to check out any shows featuring Nauts performing!

My personal music output has been slow over the past year but my YouTube channel linked in my profile can give a sense of the type of music I make.

So what’s up Chicago!


Checking in here from Chicago. The wind chill is currently 3 degrees outside. Drinking sweet vermouth, keeping warm, and finding the groove.


Hello from Chicago. Not sure where all the hardware acts are, but I went to the plantasia tribute at the garfield park ovservatory recently and that was good fun. I might have a few shows with a buddy soon, I’ll post it here if so

Lucy’s is the best chicken sandwich you’ll ever have.


I’m back in Chicago after a few years in NYC. Saw Suzanne Ciani last night in Hyde Park, but I’m still getting used to the cold again. Waiting in line outside before the show was brutal.

As far as local venues one that was new to me that seems to be heating up is Podlasie Club, they’ve had some electronic live acts but I haven’t made it out to anything.

And there’s a series Research and Development at Whistler, looks like they’ve got an upcoming night with a live set on Wed: Research & Development w/ Linda (live), Scim (NYC), They.Party and Makeen at Whistler, Chicago


I had no idea Suzanne Ciani played in Hyde Park last night! I live in Hyde Park :man_facepalming:


Heatwave just went on early presale today.

It’s going on

June 10th and 11th.

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Here in Chicago, too!

I’ve been curious about Podlasie Club, too, but haven’t really heard of many other spaces for live electronic music. Now and again, I’ve seen some synth-pop and rock w/ electronics at Schuba’s or Beat Kitchen, but I wish some smaller/easier-to-book places would get in on it.

Has anybody been to Open Beats? They used to hold it at Cafe Mustache and it’s now at Dorian’s. Thinking of going this Friday to get a vibe, open mics are pretty weird sometimes.


I’m a fuckin BASS head. Let me know if ANY Bass music is anywhere, and I’ll post where I’m going in case anyone is interested.

I know I’m going to Aragon is having Jack White and Portugal the Man for Twisted Christmas. Different nights.

And I’m going to two nights of Louis the Child this weekend.

And AHEE sometime in Dec.

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hello from your Milwaukee county neighbors :slight_smile:


Detroit whatup doe! I’d like to go to a Chicago event if some nauts are getting together. There’s this event here called Technically, Yeah once a month that sometimes has elektron heads. Movement on Labor Day Weekend is also great, but kinda commercial now.


I followed Beau Wanzer on instagram a little while back and he was posting about some show series he’s hosting called Various Distractions that was supposed to be all live hardware electronic sets, from what I could tell. I haven’t seen it advertised outside of his social media though, and unfortunately haven’t been able to make it to any yet.

Other than that I’ve been keeping my eye on Resident Advisor as shows like that usually get posted there when they crop up.

Anybody going to Sanctum next weekend? I got tickets to the Saturday and Sunday nights.


I feel hella mainstream after reading your plans. Sounds fun.


Greetings from the Noble Square area!


No judgement here. You’re just as likely to catch me at an industrial/EBM festival, a night of house music at Smartbar, or a local indie show at the Empty Bottle. I just love music :heart:

Never heard of Heatwave before but that looks like fun too.


These guys are doing a series of events at Illuminated Brew Works on the northwest side. It’s very on the modular side but not exclusively. One of my friends invited me to play the last one in September and I just used a laptop and mixer.

@anniewells be sure and let us know what that open beats night is like if you go!

@thesimplemachine I’m going to make it out to at least one night of Sanctum, probably Sunday. I’ve been out of the industrial scene for a while but that festival isn’t a bunch of nostalgia acts which is great to see.

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I’m definitely going to “Synthgiving”!

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Hello from the “New East Side,” if that’s even a thing.

I’m up for walking and talking, but will continue to avoid indoor events for the foreseeable future.


Oh my god. Excision was wall to wall at Aragon.

If you’re worried, then definitely stay cautious.

It’s wild out there right now

Oh, I just remembered! Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is playing Lincoln Hall on Dec. 5th. Probably gonna go to that one too.

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Nice, LH seems like a great venue for her kind of music. I might have to grab a ticket to that too.