Cheap freestanding gobo absorber

I was getting a bit of uneven soundstage with having a large 10ftx8ft window to the left side of my room so decided to make a cheap free standing rockwool absorber to move into position when I’m mixing and to use when I record things with a mic.

Sorry if the parts are UK specific only.

First you need the stand. £17 room divider from Amazon.

vidaXL 1-Panel Room Divider Folding Panel Screen Movable Partition Privacy Separator Wall Furniture Indoor Bedroom Office Brown 175x180 cm: Kitchen & Home

Then an acoustic panel. £35 from StudioSpares

Acoustic Panel 1200 x 600mm Black - Studiospares

It’s only 25mm thick as I didn’t need any bass reinforcement. You can use thicker ones but they’re more expensive.

Put the frame together, chop the a horizontal bar to the width of the panel with a dremal then screw some screws in the vertical bars holes and put some washes on to stop the screw from penetrating the rockwool.

I used a small screw driver to push a hole in the bottom of the panel and secured it with some cable ties.

Total cost £65ish. Took about 10 mins total from unpacking.


That’s not thick enough, you want at least 15cm to absorb mids. Around 5cm will only catch higher frequencies and if you want to build a bass trap you should go for 30cm.

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Yeah, it’s a gobo. I’m just stopping reflections from a window from messing with my stereo image. Not trying to adjust a room frequency plot.

I already have 4x corner tubes and 12x thick panels on the walls for the frequency stuff.


Looking good! See you aleady got quit an arsenal!

May I ask why you didn’t use thicker curtains to cover the window?

I do use thicker curtains. But in day time I open them. :slight_smile:

Nice. I had the same issue many years ago. I happened across a pile of free standing cubicle walls on the street from some failed startup company. Took one home and it worked perfectly in front of my window. Just luck that it was the right height.

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