Chase Bliss effects pedals

Yeah stereo would rule. I keep meaning to try sending left and right of final mixes separately through Warped Vinyl. And trying different settings on each channel, then line em up again in Daw… have a feeling it would lead to wonky lofi magic :slight_smile:


I have a Warped Vinyl II and a Tonal Recall on my guitar pedalboard. I’m going to shift the Tonal Recall over to my vocal fx pedal board (which has a Strymon BigSky and an Eventide Mixing Link on it now) and then CV sync it to my A4.

Edited to add a pic of my main guitar pedalboard (I have a live board and a studio board).

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Forgot to mention that the Chase Bliss pedals are absolutely top notch, and the owner of the company Joel is one of the coolest guys on the planet.


Joel’s a good’un for sure. Humble genius…

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I was getting excited until I read that :sob:

I’d love to see chase bliss pedals in eurorack format avec cv ins n outs

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I’m thinking about replacing my EHX DMM with the RKM to sit on my dual semi-modular path.

Are people still enjoying theirs?

How is this pedal with hot signals? There’s a trim pot inside, no? Is it suitable for modular signal?

One of the things I liked about the DMM is that you can drive the signal nicely. I don’t see an independent level knob but maybe a secret setting?

Do you need a special box still to access the MIDI or is there an adapter available now?


I still love my RKM. Never used it With a modular though.

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Can it get nasty? For example, can you set the ramping to ramp into short delay times and/or self OSC? Or quickly ramp modulation speeds? The only demos I can find are gentle, knobsesque strumming or Edgelike riffs…

Yeah you can get some dirty oscillation (feel free to use that as a band name btw) out of it. You can also open it up and adjust the trim pots (though I would highly recommend researching this before you do it).

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That’s a winner name, right there.

Good info. Thanks again!

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despite otherwise successfully “swearing off” hardware fx i’ve somehow acquired mood and the cba gen loss in the last couple months and am awaiting my preordered blooper. i really like what these guys are doing.

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Interesting business model change from Chase Bliss:


Here we go…

I don’t want my Chase Bliss Habit to turn into a Chase Bliss habit!

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The branding/marketing is amazing. I don’t even have the one I just pre-ordered and I’m already wondering if I want another.

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It’s a general Chase Bliss question so reviving an old thread! Can move to a specific/new thread if there’s enough conversation.

People who control/modulate their CB pedals with CV: what are you using to do this? I don’t really use CV but have an interest in it for this application specifically, just a little cautious on voltage ranges that aren’t always clear from product descriptions (or even manuals).

My initial plan was to use the LFO on my Malekko Manther, but I emailed them months ago re: voltage range on the LFO out and they’ve never responded. I don’t have a means of measuring this. Looking at the Korg SQ-1 as a possible neat utility for this.

From the Dark World manual, the range for the CV is 0-5V. I’d imagine their whole line up is pretty similar to that.

Sorry, I phrased that poorly - know the CBA voltage requirements - other gear can be foggier and don’t wanna wreck my pedals. Thanks for responding though - curious to see what people are using to control their CBA pedals with when it comes to CV.