Chase Bliss Blooper

Chase Bliss so far has been all about all-analog sound processing, under digital control. Perhaps this looper is their first digital pedal.


They released Dark Reverb late last year, first fully digital offering. Starting to branch out, it seems, after making all the analog pedals they can. Very nice gear and Joel is a super guy.


This looks like an ambient wet dream. Watching with trepidation, as chase bliss stuff is usually way out of my budget…

still mono… I’d love it if something like these pedals was available IN STEREO

(And before someone digs up my old “stereo is overrated” quote, I must stress that Stereo FX are a big exception in my book to the world of mono)

Too bad…

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Yoo this one will actually be stereo via trs… it was mentioned during a live chat

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Loads of new vids on this thing. Wonder when we can expect it? Looks and sounds incredible. Kind of concerned that there’s too much functionality crammed into a very small enclosure. Rumour has it that it’ll be cheaper than Thermae/RKM but more expensive than Mood.