Chase Bliss Audio MOOD

Legend. I’ve posted my Infinite Jets for sale. Once that’s gone I’ll be getting in the MOOD

I’d rather particle v2 for my digitone cause stereo


Prefer the Drolo Molecular Disruptor, feel like Drolos section is what most ppl are raving about.

I actually like a mono pedal first in the path : this’ll be fed from the output on one of my Moogs…( Mother 32 or Grandmother ) that then goes into a Moog MF chorus, where the output stage is stereo-ized … then into & a Strymon TimeLine & then possibly even some SPACE at the end…

So the mono thing isn’t an issue for me.

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Yeah that’s a good idea, mood into polymoon would be dope… then it would stereo-ized

so having used this thing over the weekend, strapped to the output of my little Moog tower of power ( 2 x M32 + 1 x DFAM ) & then into the chorus / TimeLine / Space combo I’ve got to say I fell immediately in love. It’s a perfect tiny ambience machine - the way the clock works, always giving you harmonically pleasing results is just glorious. It’ll create instant drones on the fly, fabulous granular effects, mad chorus & phaser-like stuff… I’ve only just scratched the surface - so much to get to grips with.


Most definitely - I would say that is the most interesting point of the pedal; the central knob allows you to slow down the clock of the entire chip in quantized steps (in other words, if you have a loop running and a reverb tail on the two halves of the pedal and turn the clock down, the pitch on both will drop a 5th or whatever, which leads to amazing melodic effects). Once the clock is turned down anywhere on the left hand side of the knob, things get deeply lofi and crunchy in a (to me) extremely pleasant way. If pushed to extremes, you can basically turn whatever you put in into clacking distorted clock noise laden weirdness.


MOOD’s on the way… Should be delivered tomorrow!

[excitement intensifies]

This is a tremendously inspiring & fun pedal… Here’s a live looping piece I made with just a Strat & assorted pedals & Mood.


I am really on the edge of running to the store and buying a Mood but i am a little afraid because all the video demos sound amazing but very similar in style at the same time…
Every demo sounds a little bit like a stuttering and blooping lonely little island in the sun.

So maybe it is a little bit to limited in what you can archive with it?


Hey all, look my instagram up and check out the videos and setting templates I’ve been posting for the CBA MOOD. Been having fun with mine for little over a week now and coming up with some cool stuff, mainly on the left side of MOOD. Got some cool delay stuff, even a modulated drum sound, a pitch shifter thing, a woozy cooper fx generation loss thing etc… Have fun and enjoy!

Here’s my IG -


This is MAGIC. Recorded live?

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Very nice sounds, and enough variety to counter, in my mind, the previous poster who said everybody sounds the same.


Thank you so much! Yes that’s indeed all live, no overdubs; minimal editing, just some bits taken out that I didn’t like.

Yeah you can get a lot out of this box if you try =) I just did a ring modulator and a phaser/flanger thing today and posted them on my instagram too. You can surely get your traditional stuff and the looper side turns it all into a wacky thing of fun along with it!


Thanks, great sounds on your Insta!

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I think if you have one of these MIDI to 3,5 adaptor cables(non-Korg standard - the other way around) and after a 3.5mm (1/8 inch) to 6.35mm (1/4 inch) jack adaptor you will be fine, too.

anyone already tried MIDI on the MOOD?

when I have MIDI plugged in, the left bypass stomp switch is not responding properly(when I manually want to switch it - not by MIDI)… sometimes it switches sometimes not - if MIDI is not connected at all it works perfectly fine again… the right stomp switch works fine with MIDI though…

Got one of these now. Warped a simple eight step through it into unrecognition. Like so:


For today’s violin practice session, I warmed up by starting up the Cosm app on my iPhone, then jamming along on the fiddle.

The riff generated by Cosm happened to have a pause. MOOD’s an always-listening microlooper, so during the pauses, I found it a lot of fun to kick on whatever MOOD stored it its looper

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