Changing patterns on the Octatrack/AK/Rytm via Midi

so yeah two years later I just figured it out how to change patterns from the mpc live on the octa immediately. the solution is quite simple. you have to set ALL of your patterns on the Octa to “USE PRJ SET” found under function+bank. Under function+mixer you go to control -> sequencer and set the pattern change “chain after 2/16”.
You could also set this individuality on each Pattern, but I think this the fastest way.

So I have now Midi CC for Bank Sel MSB and Prog Change on 01:01:00 on my MPC and the pattern changes immediately to my selection when the track on my MPC loops. The only thing I have to figure out is if there’s a way to send this message “per pad” as one could with jjos. Probably mute and unmute would be a workaround for now.

hope this helps for people that are searching for a way to do this like me.

Thank you very much, this is fantastic, l was just searching for this. It works, at last a solution🎸

Immediate or after 2 steps ? :thinking:
No offset ?