Changing Paterns, sounds from previous pattern still playing

When I switch patterns, sounds from the previous pattern are still playing.
For example
Pattern 1: An ambient drone.
Pattern 2 The drone and a drum loop.

Switch back to Pattern 1, Drum loop still playing.

What am I missing?

From manual, page 39 I think. Sequencer menu:
SILENCE TRACKS will, when checked, silence all tracks when changing to a pattern linked to a different part. The samples of the tracks will then enter their release phase as set in the AMP menu. When unchecked, samples from the previous pattern/part will continue to play until trigs occur on the tracks of the new pattern. Activate and deactivate this setting by pressing [ENTER/YES]. This setting affects all pattern in the project, but can be overridden on a per track basis. See “PATTERN SETTINGS MENU” on page 89 for more info.

Note that this apparently doesn’t affect tracks that are connected with the same part. Maybe you could put a trigless trig on the first step of pattern one, locked to a length of 0? that would make the drum loop enter its release phase, if I’m not missing something.

You’d do that by pressing func+step 1 on the drum track. Then press down step 1 and set the length from the AMP page to 0. Leave the release as is. If I’m mistaken, maybe somebody can correct me :slight_smile:

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My solution:
Oon the pattern I don’t want to hear the beat, I placed a zero volume trig in the drum beat track.

Thanks for the silence tracks tip!
That was what I needed!

I had some unwanted sample bleed from pattern to pattern last night. The silence tracks tip is prime, but my quick fix while working in only one part was to turn down the hold to taste on the sample that was bleeding. I love how many different routes one may take when encountering a roadblock with the OT! It makes me wonder how to use these roadblocks to my advantage some time down the… road.

To solve this problem I loops samples into Static Machines because they don’t automatically loop.

And for almost all samples, on the AMP page, I set the HOLD accordingly, i.e. 4, 8, 16 steps with a REL of 0 or something small to taste.