CF to SD card adapter


Given that CF cards are a bit harder to find and more expensive than SD cards got me to wondering if anyone has tried to use a SD card adapter? I suspect that it won’t work due to the interface differences and I did actually try it a few years back with no success, but was wondering if the technology has moved on in that time? (probably 5 years ago)


Good question. CF cards are the main reason I have avoided an OT to be honest. I have my own rule that I don’t deal with CF cards or smartmedia. I had enough of those with my old MPC1K and Electribe ESX-1 back in the day. When I sold those I told myself I was done with anything but SD cards and I’ve held myself to that. If the OT went to an SD card, I’d probably break down and buy one.


What’s the matter with CF cards ?
They are still not rare, and won’t break easily ?
Actually I have 2 spares and never use them…

What have I overlooked ?


The cf cards themselves are fine but the pins inside the machines are notoriously fragile.

Mpc1000 users will know this!

Glad Roland use sd cards on the sp404a!




Thats why i keep mine allways inside the OT :wink:


For my own interest my laptop has a SD reader built in (I also have a USB CF reader) so it is merely a matter of convenience, aside from the aforementioned reasons.


Seems cheap enough to try…


I’ve yet to see a cf adaptor for sd cards that was back loaded. All the ones I’ve seen side load and would require pulling out the cf card to gain access to.


I seem to remember reading something about CF cards being more stable to read/stream from than SD cards. With the static(?) machines on the OT streaming from the card this is somewhat of an actual benefit. I think…

Please correct me if I’m mistaken


Yep, that’s the main point to test, if everything else work.