Bengal? Can’t tell for sure, but looks like a snow with dark eyeliner and light blue eyes. Pads on the feet look dark too which is a tell tale sign. I love my snow girl! :star_struck:


Maybe part Bengal, but this was just a street cat and quite a tiny one too. Doubt anyone would let a Bengal roam free in a big city!



‘MY crossfader’


One of my Cats was working on beats with the digitakt the other day while I was at work, but noticed there was no sound. Came home to find a huge bite mark on the knob.


More likely :smirk:


Awesome :wink: [see below]

Here’s Eno, sadly not pussy footing any more, but a very much missed and loyal studio companion who was around for a whisker’s breadth shy of 20 years :heart:

:zap: :cat: :zap:Big Electric Cat. '82


this is my friend’s cat

looks like an alien


this too is my friend’s cat… sick. half blind. and the other cats don’t like him.


what lens is that? its not a phone is it?


Omg it’s so cute


Sorry to hear that. My buddy blasted off on his cosmic spirit journey about a month ago. He was 18 and had been with me since he was a kitten. Best studio lap cat ever. I could move around on my rolling office chair and do work and he couldn’t care less.


This is how my guy likes to roll…

My girl is trying to werk on her sculpts…but hes on there like glue.


This is Kyle. He’s my girlfriend’s but he still likes to lay about on my synths.


Whoa, those are aliens just disguised to fit in or something… :rofl:


just in case, you didn’t know…


Wowzer I knew that felines were into modular Eurorack stuff but never knew they had an affinity for Elektron boxes as well! No cats yet but one day.


shoulder cats are the best


Haha, I always suspected my cats but never had the x-rays done to prove it… :grin:


No, that was almost certainly a Canon 135mm F2L on the front of a 6D