Card to Card copy Octa1 and Octa2

Hi All,
I use my octractrack1 in my live set for years. It works on old OS, but it is quite stable and I don’t want to change it. Now I have the second one, but it is Octatrack2 and it has a higher OS version than the 1st one.
My idea is to use both utilizing the same content, hence I need to copy my CF card from Octatrack1 to CF card for Octatrack2.
How can I manage this?
Could you please advise some hints and tricks that I should keep in mind preparing this cloning?
Logic says that I should simply copy content from CF1 to the empty CF2 with help of a card reader. My experience says that there should be some yellow lights which I should take care of.
Very looking forward to your advice.

Yes, this works.

Also, put a copy of the CF on your computer as an additional backup. Whenever I’ve made a lot of progress in my OT Project, I copy the contents of the folders I’ve changed (usually SET####, and AUDIO) to the OT backup folder I keep on my computer.

That said, if you have issues copying from the OT (which is really a card reader in USB mode) to another CF card directly, try copying to your computer first, then copy that backup to the new CF.

Good luck!


Thanks for the help!
Seems I was too scared in my past with Octa))))

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Just be extra-careful when swapping cards: I’ve read many a story about pins getting bent in OT’s card reader which is a show stopper (needing Elektron service)

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