Can't use Digitakt with Overhub into my new MacBook Pro


So I picked up a Digitakt and using a new MacBook Pro which only has 2 USB-C inputs. I need one of those for power, and was hoping to use a USB Hub for the other. But the Digitakt is only recognized and works with the Transfer App if it’s “directly” connected to the computer. If I try to use the Elektron Overhub it doesn’t work which seems crazy because it was designed for this equipment. I will definitely need other inputs to my computer and wondering if this issue can be overcome. If not, the Digitakt will be going back to the store, unfortunately.

Any ideas?


Do you try that ? have success with my RYTM with that one
borrow one or test it in a apple store.
Maybe it’s a system OS problem compatibility with software and firmware…
Elektron told all come back on track in February :wink:

Open a ticket support maybe they have a solution for you :wink:


Yep. That’s why I bought an iMac instead. Didn’t work though, none of my Native Instruments hardware wants to work with it anyway.


Hey @davidjez - I have this problem with the new macbook pro that I bought. However, I am trying to connect the A4. I can see the A4 but the Overbridge doesn’t not work how it should do.

Im thinking it either the usb connection or the OS system (OS Sierra)

@William_WiLD - Tempted to try the usb connection cable you have suggested. Pretty bad how it is so expensive though. But I suppose that is what mac does to you.

I be interested to see if / how you resolve the situation.


I’m using a 2017 MacBook Pro.


Forgot that one… yes and less-expensive too !



Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem. With only two USB-C ports on my MacBook Pro and one used for power, not being able to use a USB-Hub essentially renders my music setup unusable.


You tried to contact Elektron support ?


A “pro” laptop without USB 3 or Ethernet ports. What a fucking joke.



Yes, I guess that’s the next step :slight_smile:



So by fluke I tried one of these USB Hubs and everything seems to work now…

Not sure why, but I’m back in business!



I have the same one. My old d link hub (which was apparently Apple Mac certified) didn’t work as well as this one.