Can't send sysex to Samples with Transfer (Solved)

I’m using Transfer 1.0.0 because 1.2.0 won’t install on my only W10 laptop.
I can send samples to the Samples but if I try and drag and drop a sysex it does not recognise the file type. Same thing if I browse to the sysex from within Transfer, it does not display the sysex.

Am I doing something wrong? This version of Transfer does state that it can send sysex files.

I have a Linux Mint distro, is there a way, other than using WINE to send sysex files to the Samples and Cycles?

Any advice gratefully received.

Transfer 1.1 has never been really good at doing sysex. If your computer can run it, I would try C6.

I can’t get C6 to see the Samples. Just says ’ can’t open midi port’ or similar.

Update: C6 has saved the day. Even though I get the error message I was able to send the sysex. I should have tried that first.

Thanks for the prompt, I Was close to giving up.