Can't save the same file twice?


I have many directories with many samples on the machine and I would like to make a directory of Kits that have 6 samples assigned to the pads so that I can get a scratch-thought down quick. Unfortunately, I am unable to copy samples that are already on the machine into another directory (I get an “Identical file already exists” error). Has anyone found a way around this other than changing the sample a bit? Is there a reason for this?


It seems that M:S works like Digitakt for example, which have a “hash code” for each sample so you can move the sample around directories or change sample name and never lose the references to it in projects/patterns; that’s why you cannot save a sample multiple times.


Open your file in an audio editor and make a change that can’t be heard (like remove one sample at the end or the beginning). Hash will be different and you’ll be able to upload the file again.


That’s what I figured. Thanks. I wonder what the reason for not allowing this is.


Don’t know their reasons but for me a big one is that saving same sample multiple times is an unnecesary waste of space; also it can make another issues like using different instances of same sample in different projects/patterns and then deleting one of this samples… this will fuck up everything if you are not 100% sure which instance are you using; if you want the same sample it’s more logical to use the sample itself and not a copy in my opinion…


Totally agree with @mutt.
Since the Digitakt doesn’t alter samples per se, having duplicates is unneeded.

Digitakt implementation makes sense : reorganizing samples in different folders has no impact on your patterns, this way.
OT is a nightmare in this regard (unless you get Uncle @Rusty’s Octaedit).


The reason why is that each file gets a specific hash ID, this lets the machine find the exact sample file regardless of where it is in the file system. If you were able to load duplicates you could run into a situation where you do not know which file with the exact same content is loaded/used by your project.

It is possible to have aliases in the file system, but I don’t know if it’s a possibility to solve that via Transfer, or if it even is such a good idea to allow for that in the first place. (Could get confusing quickly!)


Does it work in the same way for the Rytm? Hash per sample, not possible to have duplicates?


Same for Rytm and Digitakt indeed.