Cannot use OB AH plug-in on any audio track

Hi folks

In every video I’ve seen the AH is dropped on an audio track and processes audio

I cannot drop my AH plug-in on any audio track as it tells me it’s not an audio plug-in

Ableton 11.2
Os Monterey
AH mk1 in OB mode

AH plug-in responds to MIDI control, OB sees it … the thing works as expected standalone

Where might I be going wrong?

Ta muchly

Strange, I am using essentially this exact set up (11.2, Monterey, AH mk1) and it works totally fine for me. Use it for mastering purposes like this all the time.

Do you have the latest firmware installed on the Heat?

Yeah, 1.21c

I’m running the vst3 plug-in… surely it doesn’t need to be AU?

Indeed it DOES need the AUv2 plug-in

Yeah, was gonna say I always use the AU version.


I have the same issue with the latest overbridge Analog Heat VST3 plugin in ableton on PC.

When I load the VST2 plugin it will work on the audio track as an effect, however the VST3 only loads in an instrument track? Workaround for me is to use the VST 2 version.

I’ve got the same problem. The VST3 is listed in Cubase plugin manager as an instrument rather than an effect, so it can’t be selected as an effect on any of the tracks. In the ‘category’ field in plugin manager it says ‘Instrument|Effect’ - I think Elektron need to change this for it to work, because I can’t see any way to edit it as a user

I’ve reported this to Elektron and they say it’s a known issue which will be fixed in the next Overbridge update, so that’s good news