Cannot Format Compact Flash

Hi guys,

I am using a UDMA 7 1000x 32GB Compact Flash and when I insert it in the octatrack the Project menu (or any menu for that matter) are not accessible.

Can’t format the damn thing.

Switching back to the old card (8GB ) and rebooting : everything is back to normal.


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Format on computer?

Can the computer read/write?

Do you get activity with the ‘Card Status’ led?

aka isolate if the card is fine.

Might be a case of the card not being compatible with the OT?

I don’t have a card reader… I need to get the card checked at a friend’s place then.

The Card Status LED is green. I thought any Compact Flash should be compatible?

I’m actually having the same issue.

1.31D OS, my 16GB Kingston 266x is fine, but my Lexar 32GB 1066x means that my Octa (original) won’t respond when it’s in the slot.

Anyone know of a workaround for this? Loads fine on a PC, I formatted it again from Windows as FAT32 just in case. I copied over the contents of the old card and it didn’t find the project on boot either.

Welp, next option is returning it and trying Sandisk 32 GB Extreme Pro CF 160MB/s High Speed UDMA7

And if that doesn’t work, i’ll be only buying mine from local camera shops :frowning:

I wonder why you are choosing such a fast card for the OT. ~40MB/s would be already plenty enough, but 160MB/s? Just a few audio streams won’t require that bandwidth. IMHO everything that’s faster than USB 2.0 speed (~35MB/s) is a waste of money (when used only in combination with the OT, of course).

I would suggest the “normal” Scandisk Extreme (not the Pro) which has many positive reports here on the forum.


You’re most likely correct here, I tend to overbuy performance sometimes unless I specifically am told not to or unless I know explicitly that it wouldn’t make a difference, even in quality/stability of component. i think i even saw someone talking about getting a similar 160mb/s card for theirs!

At least my fussiness can serve as a warning to others searching for the same on Google :slight_smile:

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My OTmkII (bought new) came with a 50MB/sec card. I believe that’s the fasted speed one would ever need for this machine

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The write speed is normally somewhat slower (~50% of the read speed). So using a faster card to saturate at least the USB 2.0 transfer speed make sense (for faster uploading samples to the OT).

I have a similar Problem Formatting Flash also: (I am new to Octatrack MK2) I assumed I just put the card into the Octatrack to format… but am I wrong?
I am trying to format a brand new 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Compact Flash card. I put into Octa, select Format command, named it, hit Yes, it says ‘formatting…’ for about 20 minutes, and just sat there, so I ejected it after nothing… (Hope I am not totally stupid)… but can someone tell me what I need to do, or direct me where to look? Thanks!

I tried these to no good end-
Sandisk 32 GB Extreme Pro CF 160MB/s High Speed UDMA7 Compact Flash Card
Lexar Professional 1066x 32GB VPG-65 CompactFlash card (LCF32GCRBNA1066)

Ended up “downgrading” successfully to the
SanDisk Extreme 64GB CompactFlash Memory Card (SDCFXSB-064G-G46)

If anyone in the UK wants a free 16gb CF card shoot me a message.

I dubbed over the MK2 Presets folder to the Sandisk 32GB, and was able to reload it into the OT, so maybe it is OK, but it just kept displaying ‘Formatting…’ when I originally formatted it. Hopefully it is working. Not sure how to test it otherwise…to prove so.