Can the A4 sound like the 909 open hi hat


After I’ve got some hi hats programmed on the A4 using mostly bend on a very high pitch, adding noise, dialling in resonance etc., I’m wondering if it’s possible to get close to a 909 open hi hat which is my beloved one. Other than that I’m thankful for any other hi hat programming tips in general.

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Not easy one !
On my Jomox Xbase 09, hi hats were 12 bits samples IIRC. I guess it is similar on 909…


I read 8 bit for Xbase and 6 bit for Tr909.
I’d start with Noise and increase SNH.
@taro, any advice ?

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I think it is difficult to reproduce.

  • Fine adjust color of noise.
  • Oscillator sync in metal mode
  • Modulate high speed lfo to oscillator
  • Amplified modulation

Thanks ! I tried before your post with noise, SNH = 8, COL = 3, and high speed lfo.
I liked with square lfo, not too much depth, Osc Tune quite high…
I have to try metal sync. :slight_smile:


Hmm, it is not good.
Hihat test909.syx (415 Bytes)[Set the note length to shorter.]
I also think that it is better to use 909 samples or 909 clones.

Hihat test909-2.syx (415 Bytes)[A little change]


Can’t load your sound now but thanks !
I loaded Tr 909 Kick / Snare / OH in OT synced to A4 to get closer but it is hard indeed. But you can find interesting sounds doing it !
And thanks for Metal Sync tip !


The A4 would need a few tweaks first though :wink:


ahhh if only I had an A4… this sounds like a great sound design challenge!


Thanks everyone for all of your ideas and tricks. I like the metal effect a lot and also I think the FM via LFO can add some character to a hi hat. Will start design some hats right tonight :slight_smile:

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It’s like @avantronica read his MIND! :open_mouth:


Emulating sampled sounds with a synthesizer is not for the faint of heart. I’d have no idea where to begin tbh

Of course it‘s pretty hard if not impossible to replicate the 909 sampled open hi hat, but I‘m still wondering if it works out even heading towards that timbre…

If A4 has more oscillators, there may be hope.

lol, it’d be funny to use all four voices just to emulate a 909 hihat