Can’t preview recordings on the master track

I’ve noticed that I can’t preview recordings made using Recorder 8, when Track 8 is set as to be the master track. People in another thread have suggested it’s because there’s nothing to play back, but that’s not my experience. So here’s a thread about this odd quirk, in case I missed an option somewhere.

Here, I’ve set T8 as Master.

Here you can see I’ve got a recording, freshly made with Recorder 1. I opened the AED using [Rec]+[Bank] so you can see what the recorder holds. You can also see T1 set as a Thru track.

Here you can see what I recorded into Recorder 8.

I find it odd that when I press [FUNC]+[Yes] in the AED I can hear Record Buffer 1, through T1, but I can’t hear Record Buffer 8 through T8 when it’s a Master track. This seems a shame because recording the MAIN output to R8 is a nice workflow. You just can’t preview what you recorded.

Or am I doing it wrong?

I wonder, have you tried the same using a neighbor track?
(thinking that might also not work as it’s similar in concept… just a thought).

My guess is that the sample playback engine is deactivated if the track is acting as a bus.

What would you want to play back from the master track though? I fail to see see the benefit.

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Nothing wrong. Master Track uses a particular routing, no preview.
That’s why I usually use T4 for MAIN recording.
If I’m using all recorders, or if there is not enough RAM for long recordings, I save and assign to Static, I preview after in a Static of another bank if all my current bank tracks are not Static.

That’s smart thinking. I follow you.

As I said in the first post, my main use case would be to record the output at MAIN or T8. I do this quite a lot, to capture a performance of a composition so I don’t have to mess about with my DR-40 or cables. I could use any Recorder, but R8 seems “right” as it’s “on the same track” as the master bus.

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Nice. Do you have a bank set aside for “working with samples”?

I see.
I’m using R8 on Master for visual feedback only.

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Any bank. Just previewing the slot, or trigerring a Static track with Track + Play (corresponding sample assigned of course). I can use Start to listen the end of recording.

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