Can I transfer everything from one Digitakt to another?


Hi guys,

I’ve got a Digitakt for a week to test and I think I’m going to pull the plug on the purchase. I’ve prepared a few tracks on it already for a Sunday jam with my band and I want to transfer everything to a new unit I will be given in the store. Is there a way to do that?


No. Kind of a touchy subject here. If you have all the samples on your computer, you‘ll be able to recreate your project with sysex dump and manual sample transfer/assignment. If you‘ve created samples on the device, you‘ll have to sample again.


Unfortunately there’s still no backup so I don’t think it’s possible.


Export sysex with Elektron Transfer. This will save patterns, trigs, projects etc - basically everything about the sequencing and sample manipulation.

You can’t back up samples, but you can reimport a sample pack for example. I’ve made a folder on my PC of everything I’ve loaded on to the machine. What you can’t easily replicate is stuff you’ve sampled directly into the Digitakt. Your best bet is to record those samples individually to a DAW/digital recorder and then reimport/resample.


Thanks guys, transferring trigs and sound settings is all I need. I haven’t sampled anything on Digitakt yet, so all my samples are on the computer. Also good to know transfer options are limited.


Did Elektron not want anyone to actually sample straight into the digitakt?, or is there an assumption that their customers all have loads of gear that can record/store allready. I havnt got one single backed up sample in mine, everything is original to me, it doest make any sense to me to encourage creativity and then make no allowances for when you do. When I first got mine I thought there must have been a late issue and proper backup would be allong shortly but now it seems there was no intention at all and once full of samples I will have to go through every project/pattern to see which samples/patterns are worth keeping in order to free up space for anything new.
Not that they read any of this but as a point of principle I will not buy another Elektron device, I will try to get the most out of my digitakt as when it is good its good but the level of frustration this machine has caused me due to bugs and design choices in the last year is more than I can take. I feel like I am putting off playing while I wait for it to work properly but its pretty much a year and very little has changed.


I agree on this totally. I’m surprised this is taking them that long, but if I had to guess, I would say they just have bitten more than they could chew with Overbridge and just stuck in the development hell. Feature creep is a bitch.
If I would be head of development, I would start with simple app to manage library first. Multitrack via Overbridge — second.


Well, I think they completely unterestimated how long it will take them to finish Overbridge.

I only wonder, why they never released a standalone tool for this (or added this feature to C6). Having everything tied to Overbridge seems a little bit strange to me.


The problem is I didnt count on overbridge being the answer to backup when I made my purchase as it was very much being promoted as a standalone peice of hardware that didnt need software to be complete. The 1gb of storage was not an issue either as it seemed perfectly adequate for even the biggest of sessions but thats because I just expected to be able to hook up a usb when the time came and transfer the lot for later use. This is not the case which puts a massive brake on how I use the machine, if I wasnt worried about filling it up I could use that 1gb in under a month no problem.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s really puzzling. The software is definitely lacking.


Why didn’t they just add an SD card slot to the Digitakt instead of a +Drive?

Transfer would be as easy as swapping out cards, and we wouldn’t be limited to 1gb either.


Pretty confident it’s a lot easier said than done. I would be surprised if there’s a malicious intent to that.


Now that you can save your samples from DT to computer, has anyone tried to move a project with its samples from one Digitakt to another? Can you easily sync projects between 2 units?


Hi Cuba, is there a way to export or multitrack to DAW (Ableton) with all parameter locks,FX,s ,LFO,s etc?