Campers - European online shops?

Looking for a smaller, lighter tent (than the massive one we have) for some weekend hiking trips. Trying to find a REI Co-op Passage 2 somewhere outside of the US but struggling.

Trying to find it in Europe to avoid import duty etc but looking at the $ it might be advantageous at the moment to just bite the bullet and buy US.

Advice or tips welcome! :blush:

(p.s. I have read the reviews of the Passage 2 and I know it’s not that light for a backpacking tent but I don’t want to be spending a ton of cash either given that we’re definitely not prone to long periods of extreme camping!)

I dunno about REI stockists, and I’m also not sure what the situation currently is with postage from UK to EU, but Alpkit might be worth a look - UK based and low-ish prices but well thought out products. Their Ordos 2 has been good to me

I don’t think REI sells their self-branded items through third-party retailers, though I could be wrong. There may be European or multinational brands that are competitive in your situation.

My best tent ever is a hilleberg

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